The Science of Genetic Divinity – Christof Melchizedek & Akasha Sananda

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The Science of Genetic Divinity – Christof Melchizedek & Akasha Sananda

Following sell out events in 2013 and in May 2016, we are delighted to inform you that Christof and Akasha are returning to Manchester to do a special event in the Grand Nave at Mastery Path’s new home – The Monastery.  If you have never experienced their work, you’ll want to be here for sure.  If you’ve previously experienced their work – you’ll know the value in returning.


This event is being run on a donations basis. Please book in advance so that the staff at The Monastery can prepare the room in advance.

The Monastery, Gorton Lane Manchester M12 5WF

Please register in the Grand Nave by 12.40 pm.

Lunch available in the Friors Pantry beforehand (not included).


How to re-engineer your DNA template to GENETIC PERFECTION so you can RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and embody your life’s purpose.

The human hologram is a complex mixture of MIND-BODY-ENERGY, with each component forming an important component of our functioning.

While much is understood about the body, and somewhat less about the mind, very little is known about the multi-dimensional template and the complex interplay between the full 15 chakra system and the meridians, nadi’s, bio-circuitry, DNA, our soul matrix and how all of these interface with our physical body. In this powerful session you will uncover the science of how genetic divinity and what are the actual technical requirements to activate an avatar template, achieve genetic liberation and embody your divinity.


15 DIMENSIONAL UNIFIED FIELD PHYSICS: How the harmonics of the dimensional frequency scale work, and how you can access aspects of your consciousness stationed at higher dimensions.

DNA’S ENERGETIC PROPERTIES: How information is encoded and stored as bio-photonic light and accreted in your DNA’s energy fields.

DNA’S DISTORTION: You will learn about reverse fire letter sequences, energetic implants, shadow aspects, frequency fences, energetic seals, worm holes and feeder lines interfering with your DNA and Bio-Energy Field.

REVERSE ENGINEERING DNA’S DISTORTIONS: You will learn WHY activating your DNA back to it’s original organic divine template is one of the most important personal development steps you can make to accelerate you on your life path, as well as how to begin this process.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE: You will learn how to communicate with the unified field through symbols, light, sound, colour and geometry, and how you can use this technology to re-program and re-script your personal hologram to align with your Soul Purpose.


Join Christof and Akasha as they take you on an audio-visual journey of Bio-Regenesis by clearing your bio-energy field of discordances, and activating your hologram by raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness. You will receive encrypted sound frequencies, visually coded geometry, colour, form, and mathematical scalar waves all designed to encrypt your hologram with new better serving information and programming to accelerate your evolution. Fresh off the festival scene you will experience a multi-dimensional full body activation and journey that will open your senses and raise your vibration.

Institute of Divine Potential Founders:

Christof Melchizedek

CM profile close upChristof Melchizedek serves as a Bio-Genetic Reprogrammer. He accelerates people by raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness and clearing blockages in order to achieve soul mission and purpose.

His background degrees in psychology, physical education and Brennan Healing Science, combined with extensive experience in the indigenous healing arts allows him to create what his clients call ‘dramatic life corrections’.

As a Blueprinter, his purpose is to change the DNA blueprint of the human genetic makeup. He is like an architect for the soul, helping to create the building blocks of your potential through the reconstruction of the DNA that gives you the actual INTERNAL CODING to create the IMPACT and ABUNDANCE you deserve.

He support’s people who are getting ready or are ready to fulfil their LIFE MISSION CONTRACT. These are the LEADERS OF THE NEW EARTH, the people who are destined to help evolve the planet by providing the systems, healing, programs, design, education, understanding, and frequencies to move the planet into its next dimensional octave.

Akasha Sananda

TwineFlame shoot profileAkasha Sananda has been in the healing arts since the age of fifteen and has served in over thirty different countries as a world teacher. His mission is to humbly serve and assist humanity in becoming fully realized and to obtain liberation as free, sovereign beings.

Known as a ‘Liberator’, Akasha has attained spiritual liberation under the mentorship of the Himalayan yogi Babaji Nagaraj. Since this time Akasha has continued to be contacted by both Babaji and two Himalayan Rishi’s known as Boganathar and Agastya. These Himalayan Masters are highly evolved immortal beings, who have transcended the elemental nature of gross matter and are the pure embodiment of source consciousness. High initiation from the Rishi’s led Akasha around the world to learn many sacred traditions and ancient wisdom while uncovering hidden truths of the immortal path.

It is only recently that Akasha Sananda has been given permission to share the ancient wisdom of the Rishi’s and Immortal path. He serves this purpose through his life example, live programs, transmissions, activations and advanced spiritual mentoring. In addition to his service mission the Rishi’s have been downloading him with Bio-Geometric codes through deep states of samadhi. These Bio-Geometric codes hold living mathematical programs that serve as holistic healing, clearing and activating agents for mind, body and energy transcendence.

As an evolutionary liberator Akasha Sananda brings a high level of dedication and integrity to his world service mission, for the betterment of humanity’s evolution and sovereignty. He works with people all around the world in person, via online webinars, hosting wellness retreats, ceremonies and spiritual adventures. – sign up for free mini-course on website

This event is being held in the Grand Nave with suggested donations of £10 for waged and £5 for unwaged (or whatever you can afford).

Address:  The Monastery, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester M12 5WF

Book now to secure your place – pay by cash donation on the day.


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Debra Sofia Magdalene with brothers in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest


Debra Sofia Magdalene met Christof and Akasha whilst attending a plant medicine retreat in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest in September 2013 with Children of the Sun Foundation.  She continues her spiritual evolution with these two beautiful, talented souls who have formed The Institute of Divine Potential.


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