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If you haven’t yet signed up for the Rites of Passage free resources, I encourage you to do so – especially if you are interested in raising your vibration!

Tiara Kumar is founder of Children of the Sun Foundation and I have been participating in their regular mediations and transmissions for a few years.  The audios are incredibly powerful and are without doubt my favourite meditation audios ever!  This is why I have no hesitation in recommending them to you!

We are very blessed because Tiara is making available The Rites of Passage for you to sample free of charge and purchase if you wish at a bargain price.  This accelerated 12-week programme of spiritual initiation brings experiential awareness and understanding to some of the main requirements necessary to attain higher evolution.

Check out the offer here.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure of soul initiation that catapults you into a great expansion of consciousness and the experience of oneness.

ACTIVATE YOUR MAGNIFICENCE and transform your personality and entire life!
ACTIVATE YOUR MAGNIFICENCE and release yourself from hard work and struggle!
ACTIVATE YOUR MAGNIFICENCE and leave behind the fears, conflict and pain!

In this 12-week soul adventure, you will learn HOW to live the life of divinity and realize the Self as a vibrant and powerful channel of Love Divine.

The Rites of Passage initiations are masterfully created to accelerate your spiritual awakening. They are purposed to assist you to …

* Open the door into multi-dimensional perception and a completely different life matrix.

* Transition into liberated consciousness and a brand new creative expression.

* Transcend duality and see beyond the physical form.

* Penetrate the reality that lies behind thought, beyond the rationalizing mind.

* Live your life according to the flows of love, intuition and synchronicity.

* Become an instrument of service for Divine Will and humanity’s evolution

* Manifest instantly through thought and feeling alone.

* Serve as conscious knowers and co-creators with Earth’s Divine Plan.

You will receive 12 free spiritual video adventures, 12 free PDF teaching modules, and two free audio recordings!

I’d love your feedback after checking out these resources.

Check out the offer here


  1. Janet Farnell October 17, 2014 at 6:32 pm - Reply

    I am so grateful to my dear friend Sofia for sending me this information. I have been given the vision of the beautiful crystal that is shown within your video for many years so I know that in my soul and in my heart it is right for me now to follow these lines, Many thanks from my heart for bringing these teaching into the here and now. Janet Farnell xxx

    • Mastery Path November 13, 2014 at 10:43 pm - Reply

      Dearest Janet, thank you for your comments and I am so pleased that you have signed up to receive these beautiful teachings. Do let me know how you feel after completing the 12 week course. I have been aligned with Children of the Sun Foundation for a few years and these are some of the most powerful activations and teachings that I have experienced. Debra Sofia Magdalene xxx

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