Reclaim Your Power – David Adelman

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Reclaim Your Power – David Adelman


Sunday 21 August 2016, 1 pm – 3 pm – PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW VENUE: 

The Monastery, Gorton Lane Manchester M12 5WF

Please register in the Pugin Room at 12.45 pm. Lunch available in the Friors Pantry beforehand (not included).

Reclaim Your Power – David Adelman

An experience that will affect you and those around you

We all feel some love some of the time. But if we are being truthful, we would all confess to feeling much more fear far more often than we experience love.

What is it about the human condition that is so challenging?

In this talk David will reveal how a virus has been inserted into the collective human psyche. It is designed to create all kinds of fear and separate us from our true divine qualities. Precisely how it got there is for another day but we will explore the ways in which it manifests in our daily lives, keeping us on a hamster wheel of fulfilling false needs in an illusory unloving world and above all distancing us from our true selves.

In particular we will take a helicopter ride through how we have been very cleverly duped into surrendering power and authority to forces that do not have our best interests at heart and how we can undo this artificial reality in practical ways.

We will finish with a powerful Declaration of Divine Sovereignty and collective energetic clearance to pave the way for the return of our natural authority and to bring us into closer alignment with the planetary healing known as Sophia’s Correction.


David was born singing, literally. Then he stopped singing long enough to gain all kinds of academic certificates and professional qualifications. One day he started to wake up and realise that he had been taught nothing of true value and was doing nothing of true value. So he quit the rat race and went off and became a student of life.

30 years later David is now in the process of translating his findings into coherent teachings that will help himself and others change their self-harming and self-limiting patterns into something more consistent with their divine essence. His free-spiritedness is joyfully intact and he is singing again, literally.


£15 Regular Ticket; £10 Mastery Path Members (£5 discount – annual membership just £25)

A limited number of free guest tickets are available on a first come first served basis (you need to be invited by a Mastery Path member and book via eventbrite using your own details at least 24 hours in advance to qualify for this offer, otherwise charges apply on the door).

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