May / June – Mastery Path News & Events

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May / June – Mastery Path News & Events
What another busy month it has been and this newsletter is quite a long one as I have lots to share, so you might want to get comfy of jump straight to the event sections and check out our next event on 12 June.

People often ask me how I fit so much into my life … well I don’t watch TV, only read local papers whilst I’m having my green smoothie at breakfast, and do things that are important to me around caring for my parents.  Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to since 25 April.

I went to Spain for 6 days, the last day of which marked the start of International Hugs Week (which had ended up being more like Hugs Month!)

I’ve been continuing my Property investing education; I started my Sharelord education and opened a trading account; I have listened to several webinars on a variety of topics from learning about Pintrest, investing, and a brilliant one with Steve Jack called Limitless – Unlock Your Potential; I’ve listened to radio interviews on the replay section of whilst preparing food … there’s so much free information available on the internet.

I’ve also attended several brilliant events with some of our Mastery Path members:

atOne at The Monastery – a blissful day with a fascinating talk by Janet Williams who speaks the Language of Light.  I bought a CD from her with her speaking the language of light all the way through  – it’s divine. (Janet is speaking for us at Mastery Path in August!) Meditating and learning with 97 yr old Dadi Janki, spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris, whose powerful, peaceful, loving presence was strongly felt. It was rather like a Mastery Path reunion too – lovely to see many friends there.

Women’s Northern Gathering hosted by Gina Lazenby at The Healthy Home in Skipton with delicious healthy food, lovingly prepared and eaten with gratitude.  Followed by our intimate women’s circle with deep open sharing at a soul level – so nurturing. Here are Gina’s Top 10 wisdom insights.

Synchronicity Event organized by David Binder – I loved the format of this event with so much time to chill out and talk to like-minded people.  We had a healthy vegetarian food share at lunchtime which had so much variety and a feast for the senses. The Nia Dance workshop with Isabelle Walker-Lefebvre was liberating and energizing, and later in the afternoon an interesting Dream talk by Dennis Richards took place and we were given guidance into dream interpretation. There were musical performances, singing and piano playing … and then, a surprise speaker arrived having hitch hiked all the way from London … my soul brother Todd Acamesis!  Todd gave a heart-felt talk about experiencing higher levels of consciousness through OBEs (outer body experiences).
Todd Acamesis and Debra from Mastery Path
Last year, we gave our subscribers a private link to Todd Acamesis’ full Journey of Truth talk at Mastery Path from August 2010.  I have decided to make this a public link because it’s important to help people on their spiritual growth.  If you are a new subscriber or not seen it, the content is well worth setting aside 2 hrs 19 mins to watch.  Please comment on the video after watching, both on youtube and facebook to help spread the word:

Furniture Upcycling Workshop run for carers by Arts on Prescription and organized by Carers Contact in Burnley.  I attended this creative day on Monday and really got in touch with my creativity.  I transformed a wooden box with lift-up lid into a passion box decorated with hearts and words that resonate with me – I’ve used it for storing my camera equipment and external hard drives.  You can see the finished article on my facebook photos.  This has given me confidence to experiment with more creative pursuits and has spilled over into creating new juices and healthy recipes which I’ve been posting on facebook.

Skip's Supercharge your life retreat, SpainDetox and Supercharge Your Life
Despite the wind and rain, the 5 day Detox Retreat that I attended in Spain with Skip, the Naked Health Detective was brilliant and just what I needed to embed my new way of healthy eating. I’ve had a Vitamix for years but haven’t been using it to it’s potential and I am now using it to experiment with juices, raw cacao deserts and other healthy foods almost every day. I’ve been posting pics and recipes on my Facebook page so follow me if you want some tips.  Skip is doing a 1 day Supercharge Your Life event in London on Saturday 1 June from 9 am till 7 pm and due to a sponsorship deal, the tickets are just £15.  Because I love Skip’s work so much, I’m helping to promote the event with this affiliate link:

Paul and I are travelling down to London on 31 May for this event and invite you to join us – it will be educational and fun.  Check out the testimonials on the info and bookings page.

April Mastery Path ~ Review

Here’s a write-up from the notes I took during the evening.  The full content is available on DVD. Order from (£15.00 p&p)

May Mastery Path with Suryah Magda Ray
Suryah Magda Ray – Joy, Vitality and Radiance through the practice of The 5 Tibetans

It was lovely to see so many people taking their health seriously by turning up with exercise mats at our last event.

Watch Suryah demonstrating the 5 Tibetan Rites on our youtube channel. Suryah proved to be an excellent teacher as she led everyone through three ways of doing each Tibetan Rite, from Good, Better and Best – you can see the full event by buying the DVD (and we’ll send you the free 5 Tibetan Rites ebook too).

Our chakras spin and as we get older they get sluggish.  Doing the 5 Tibetan Rites on a daily basis keeps our body in balance and works on the respiratory system and weight bearing.  It helps to keep us youthful and raises our vibration.  Start with 3 of each exercise and add one or two more repetitions each week until you reach 21 reps.  If you do 21 straight away, it may be too much for your body because it triggers a detox so you may experience headaches etc.

When doing the 5 Tibetans, you can incorporate affirmations to program your mind.  These are the ones Suryah uses:

The evening was highly participative and we had great feedback.  Quite a few people ordered the DVD so they can learn at home and Ruth Lomax was the lucky winner of the prize draw and will be attending one of Suryah’s intimate workshops to get further coaching and guidance on The 5 Tibetans and a delicious lunch.  Contact Suryah if you are interested in attending a half day workshop the first Monday in the month. E:

I saw one Mastery Path member the week after the event and she told me she’d experienced detox symptoms the day after the Mastery Path event.  She’s persevered with the 5 Tibetans and was looking radiant – she said she felt more energized and her mood had lifted.  So don’t underestimate the power of these rites practiced by the Tibetan monks – they aren’t called The Fountain of Youth for nothing!  As a personal discipline, I vowed in January to do the rites every day for a year to see how I feel.  They have become part of my daily routine which I usually do first thing in the morning.  Let me know how you get on!

Suryah is launching a new venture called Love DanSing – a brilliant concept of affirmations to sing along and dance to.  She’s partnered with friends   Francine and Claire, written lyrics and recorded the songs in a studio, and all donations from the launch event (which is now fully booked) will be going to support women’s freedom and liberation causes.

If you order the DVD before the next event, I will send you a free copy of the ebook.  £15.00 + £2.00 p&p or pick up at next event and save on p&p. E:

June Mastery Path
Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm (Registration from 6.30 pm) Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL
Philip Wade – Spheres Of Light: an energetic bridge to pure consciousness

Spheres Of Light is a profoundly simple, yet powerful, spiritual gift here to aid in Elevating Human Consciousness.

Spheres Of Light is an energetic bridge to pure consciousness that is both within and around us rather like the fabric of the universe! It is here for all of humanity. If you are looking for personal, growth, transformation, change and shift in your consciousness this is for you.

This gift will assist you on your spiritual journey home to the innate beauty within you.

  • Are you looking for a simple yet powerful way to grow spiritually that you can understand and experience in moments?
  • Would you like to feel more connected to your Self, universal energies and the earth?
  • Would you like to experience more joy in your life i.e. higher consciousness?

Spheres Of Light is a gift to give you all these things and more. It only requires your heart-based intention to access it.

  • We will experience the power of witnessed group engagement and Phillip will explain how awareness of the gift came about and share numerous examples of people’s wonderful experiences with it.
  • Find out why it’s a gift that we can all access and the role of the non-profit Spheres Of Light Foundation.
  • Learn how you can integrate it into your daily life and the life-changing benefits this can have for you and your family and friends.

You will have this gift to take away with you. You will be able to share it freely with others. You can even get in touch with it before the event even by the reading these words or by visiting:

Philip Wade is former chartered civil engineer, company director that took the life-changing decision to focus on his spiritual path. Having explored a wide range of spiritual material and gathering expertise in a number of healing modalities he was blessed in August 2011 with the insight that brought Spheres Of Light into conscious awareness to share with the world. Philip has a very open, clear, enthusiastic and engaging style and is able convey both the simplicity and profound nature of this spiritual gift.


£10.00 Members * (Annual Membership just £25.00)
£15.00 Non-Members

* Become a member and bring a first time guest with you free of charge. Guests must register via Eventbrite at least 24 hrs in advance to qualify for free entrance, otherwise normal charges apply.

If you can’t attend, we are taking orders for DVDs for just £10.00 + £2.00 p&p if ordered before or at the event. Price reverts to £15.00 + p&p after event.

Mastery Path Event Schedule

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 – Spheres of Light, Philip Wade

Wednesday 10 July 2013 – Twelve Blessings, Mollie Entwistle

Wednesday 14 Aug 2013 – Janet Williams

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