Mastery Path News & Events – June / July

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Mastery Path News & Events – June / July

Solstice Blessings to you all!  I will be in Cornwall for a week with Paul and Karen, working on the land helping David Ash at Ashlands Goddess Temple. I’m looking forward to visiting Tintagel and St Nectan’s Glen, going on walks along the coastal path and feeling a deep connection with mother earth and nature at this special time of year.

I am being called to travel again in September … this time to the Peruvian Amazon where I will be staying with the Shipibo tribe.  The expedition is being organized by Children of the Sun Foundation and details are on their website.   If you are a light worker, I recommend you signing up for their newsletter and participating in the Unity Grid transmissions which take place every New and Full Moon.

I intend to buy a one way ticket and follow my heart whilst I’m in Peru.  Visiting Machu Picchu is something that has been on my vision board for years, and Bolivia and Brazil also seem to be calling me. I am trusting that the money will flow to enable me to stay for as long as I am called to be there.

A series of synchronicities led me to the expedition.  Whilst attending Skip’s Detox Retreat in Spain, we had Steve Jack from New Zealand beamed in via Skype to talk to us about the journey of the soul.  His words resonated with me deeply and he mentioned that he was leading an expedition to the Amazon in September.  When I returned to the UK, I received an email from Children of the Sun about an expedition to the Amazon in September and I eagerly read it … and was astonished to discover that it was being led by Steve Jack – who I then found out was Director of Education for COS.  A couple of days later my sister Alison returned from being with John of God in Brazil and she’s bought me a crystal bracelet – which turned out to be Amazonite.  That evening, I submitted my application, had an interview via Skype with Steve Jack the following week, and had my place confirmed the same day.

I won’t be organizing any Mastery Path events between September and December because I’ve no idea how long I will be away, so with this in mind, I am arranging additional events in July and August which I am sooo excited about.

June Mastery Path ~ Review

Philip Wade – Spheres of Light: An energetic bridge to pure consciousness

Here’s a summary of the notes I took during the evening.  The full content is available on DVD. Order from (£15.00 p&p)

It was lovely to see so many people taking their health seriously by turning up with exercise mats at our last event.

Spheres Of Light (SoL) is a profoundly simple, yet powerful, spiritual gift here to aid in Elevating Human Consciousness – and it’s easily accessed by your intention.  Philip explained that as you embrace SoL, you can go on a hero’s journey and there may be a few challenges as you go through separation and initiation on the way to return so be ready for an interesting ride if you embrace this on a daily basis.  The pure consciousness energy comes to help you with what you need right now so get your head out of the way, go into your heart, give yourself permission to engage with SoL for your highest good, surrender and trust in the process.

Practical Application: When we attach our mind to our ‘stuff’ we feel stress, anger, fear etc.  PAUSE and feel what’s going on.  Look at yourself like an observer, as if looking in from the outside.  Notice the feeling and don’t resist it.  Ask SoL to help.

5 Step Process:  1) Ask for Release.  2) Ask for Healing.  3) Ask for Transmutation.  4) Say ‘Thank You’ (for the energy). 5) Say ‘And so it is’.

Philip used metaphors to explain how we spend most of our time looking out.  SoL turns your awareness inwards to look at the source – the truth of what we are.  He used a fibre optic light which effectively demonstrated this.   Philip also showed us an abacus, slide rule, log table – all used to calculate things in the days gone by until the calculator was invented … and now we have computers.  Spiritual growth has been evolving over thousands of years and this explains why we can access SoL just using our intention.

Your mind likes to challenge things because it’s based on the past (like a filing system).  Spheres of Light is Open Source – experience it, experiment with it, use it as you are guided, use it to complement other modalities and incorporate it into your daily life.  You have this gift to use for yourself and share freely with others. Check out the website for more info and remember to look at the interesting blogs:

Philip is running a Work(fun)shop with Spheres Of Light on Sunday, 7 July at the Creative Living Centre, Prestwich from 10am to 5pm.  The day provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in these profound and beautiful energies, deepen your personal experience of Spheres Of Light, explore insights in greater depth and embrace personal transformation with SOL as a constant companion for your very own journey of spiritual growth. Participants will also experience the most effective ways to share Spheres Of Light with others be it friends, family or integrating into your existing therapy or spiritual practice.

Since Spheres Of Light is Open Source participants are free to use SOL in any way that suits them in their lives. Philip is always keen to hear how participants are progressing after the experiential day and welcomes new insights and queries.

Following the talk / experience last week, Philip has been invited two further events in Cheshire.
1)  24 September: An event with the Be YIN Group in Cheshire led by Amelia Campbell and supported by Dawn Gibbins.
2)  A work(fun)shop at Dawn Gibbins’ barn probably in October.

If are interested in any of these events contact Philip:

Here’s a link to Philip’s talk on youtube:
You can order the full DVD for just £15.00 + £2.00 p&p or pick up at next event and save on p&p. E:

July Mastery Path Event

Mollie Eilean Entwisle – From Inner Peace to World Peace: The Twelve Blessings
Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm (Registration from 6.30 pm)
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL


The Twelve Blessings are a series of blessings to spiritual workers and great cosmic beings, incorporating profound wisdom – as well as some of the most beautiful prayers ever given to Earth. As well as giving us an enhanced appreciation of the great cosmos in which we live, The Twelve Blessings also form a spiritual practice which is easy to perform and can be done correctly in just a few minutes. They are a way of expressing gratitude to those upon whom we depend for our continued existence on this planet, and also a way of helping to heal the world by raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole. As such they are an excellent way of improving world karma, as well as our own individual karma.

Discover the beauty of inner peace. Peace is a divine power; examine and use the power of the Twelve Blessings to help bring about inner peace and world peace.

The wisdom and practice of The Twelve Blessings will change your life and raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole. Experience spiritual happiness, and feel the joy of lasting fulfillment.

Mollie Eilean Entwisle is a numerologist, holistic healer, teacher and broadcaster, who has worked extensively on Radios Lancashire and Manchester. Assisted by fellow teaching colleague, Jack Johnson, who has worked with the Twelve Blessings for many years.  Mollie is Organiser of the Aetherius Society in Manchester and hosts regular services and workshops at 43 Bronte Avenue, Bury.

£10.00 Members * (Annual Membership just £25)
£15.00 Non-Members


* Become a member and bring a first time guest with you free of charge. Guests must register via Eventbrite at least 24 hrs in advance to qualify for free entrance, otherwise normal charges apply.

If you are unable to attend, you can pre-order the DVD of Mollie’s event for just £10.00 + £2.00 p&p if ordered before or at the event.
Price reverts to £15.00 + p&p after event.


When I found out that Steve Jack is going to be in the UK this summer, I invited him to speak for us at Mastery Path on 17 July, and also for the Manchester Yes Group the night before on 16 July.  We’re delighted that he’s accepted.  The content is fabulous and one follows on from the other so I urge you to be at both events, although they are also stand-alone.  Steve has over 18 years experience as an accomplished international presenter and works extensively teaching trainers and health coaches how to achieve breakthrough results in health, well-being and high performance.

Full details are on our website:

Bookings now being taken – book early to avoid disappointment as there is very high interest in this event. BOOK NOW

Attend both our July events with a first time guest at each and you come for free to second event. Or get £5 discount if you attend both events and bring one guest.

Attend Manchester Yes Group on 16 July and Mastery Path on 17 July and pay just £10 for each event (payable on the door).  Pre-booking essential to qualify for this offer.

Mastery Path Dates for your Diary

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 – From Inner Peace to World Peace – The Twelve Blessings,  Mollie Entwisle ~ BOOK NOW

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 – Manchester Yes Group – Steve Jack – Limitless: A Life Without Limits (Part 1) ~

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 – Steve Jack – Limitless Leadership (Part 2) – BOOK NOW

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 – Janet Williams – The Language of Light: The Language of our Soul

Sunday, 18 August 2013 – Nik Halik – Thrillionaire Revolution


Sunday 7 July – atOne with the Heart at The Monastery, Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF.  10 am – 3 pm. £45 (inc £5 lunch voucher if booked in advance). Speakers: Terry Oldfield and Soraya – Soul Purpose: Living Love Workshop. Evening concert £20.  Or £55 for day and evening.

Tuesday 9 July 2013, Foods to Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul – Dine & Learn Experience by Food Fairy, Julie Silver.  11.00 am – 2.30 pm. Investment in your health: £55.00 (includes a full lunch, e-mailed information & recipes).  Enjoy some warming nourishing foods that are wheat-free, dairy free & sugar free. Time: 11am – 2.30pm.  An intimate gathering of 5 people maximum. For more details: or to book e-mail or call 0161 798 5063.

14 July 2013, Synchronicity Gathering, 10.30 am – 5 pm at Creative Living Centre. This will be Synchronicity’s 6th gathering of likeminded souls…..coming together to create an infusion of social magic. This will include a “bring your own” (Veggie) food to share. Socialising, learning, connecting, networking, and some inspirational talks for the mind, body & soul. A mix of fun, food, learning & heart centered connection … to enhance the soul’s growth.

17 July 2013, Manchester Yes Group.  Steve Jack – Limitless: A life without Limits. Creative Living Centre, Prestwich. 7 – 9.30 pm.   Experiential workshop introducing the 5 major factors that limit and condition people, and the reason why you don’t get the results, happiness, wealth, love, confidence, health you are looking for in life.  It’s nothing to do with know how, procedures or following a system.  It’s all to do with faulty programming, and understanding the Mind-Body-Energy Triad that shapes all of life.  Learning how to drive your bio-energy field is the key to generating the results you want in life.  Booking link coming soon.

2-4 August 2013, Limitless: Mind Body Energy Mastery with Steve Jack.
Live a life without limits by mastering your mind, body and energy so you can co-create your own reality and step up to play a much bigger game. Learn tools to reprogramme your mind and step into your leadership potential.  On this workshop, you will be mixing high science with spirituality. Full details and bookings:

14/15 September Deepsong Sound Energy Weekend Workshop – Discover Your Inner Rhythms with Kath Reade at The Yoga Centre, 38 Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD.
£90.00 pp – Early Bird £80.00 Concessions. Suryah Magda Ray will be teaching The 5 Tibetan Rites during the workshop. Tel: 0845 269 8218

Hope to see you at both our July events and members, remember to take advantage of the special offer!

Love and blessings
Debra Sofia Magdalene

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