June event summary – Turning Your Passion into Profits & Living Your Dreams – Sara Lou-Ann Jones

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June event summary – Turning Your Passion into Profits & Living Your Dreams – Sara Lou-Ann Jones

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What others said …

“Well it is 24 hr ago when it was our belief that we were going to be in for a good, good night – and we were not disappointed. Sara enthralled us with her Inspiring story at this month’s Mastery Path.” (Marie Crowley)

“Fantastic night I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it. Thanks Sara and Debra.” (Christine Brierley)

“Thank you … it was a wonderfully informative and inspiring presentation.” (Jo Beckett)

“Thank you for the invite Debra and introducing me to such a wonderful people. Huge thank you to Sara for such an amazing talk – you are truly inspirational!”  (Trisha Barker)

“Amazing Talk at Mastery path last night with Sara Lou Jones and how she made 6 figures and many other achievements in just a few years. Debra Sofia Magdalene at Mastery Path has DVDs to buy if your interested –  recommend it to everyone, we can all do it. How much good in the world can you do having more than you can spend? How many exciting projects can you make happen if you have the means to do it? What else is possible?” (Barbara Louvrou)


Sara Lou-Ann Jones wowed everyone as she shared her journey with us, from setting up her first business in marketing at the age of 19, then getting into NLP and Hypnotherapy where she built an events business.  

One morning, she woke up feeling ill and got progressively worse. Specialists eventually diagnosed her with ME … chronic fatigue syndrome.  As an ambitious person, Sara one day woke up and decided that she’d had enough and changed her mindset. She changed her nutrition and refused to accept any label that anyone had given her. As she started to recover, she also came out of a long-term relationship and soon after, found out that she was pregnant.  She was teaching a lot of courses at the time and wondered how she could run a business from home.  After researching and educating herself on internet marketing, she started to make money online and this has become her vehicle for wealth creation and abundance.  

January 2014 – Sara was unable to get a mortgage due to being self-employed and being unable to provide years of accounts. 

Six months later, she bought a house outright for £250,000 cash.  She now lives in a £1m house and rents the other one out.  

You have one life so you can either enjoy it or struggle – it’s up to you. With the right mindset, no matter what challenges you are facing in life, you too can create and live your dreams.

Sarah shared many strategies for making money online with us … far too many to share here. Watch the full DVD or via our unlisted link online by emailing Debra.

Congratulations to Bryce Cooper who won a free place on Sara’s 8 week course where she share the exact strategies she used to create her award-winning business and generate wealth beyond her dreams. 

Check out Sara’s award winning business here … there may be some courses that interest you. http://www.coe-onlinetrainingcourses.com


If you’d like to invest in educating yourself about strategies that Sara has used for herself, invest just £15 and you can watch the video footage of this event via a web link from any device anywhere in the world.  

Of if you prefer a hard copy, add £2.00 p&p and we will post it to you.  (Or collect at our next event). 

ORDER DVD OF EVENT: E: debramagdalene@gmail.com

£10 (members) £15 (non-members) + £2 p&p to UK.

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