How I used pure essential oils for toothache pain relief

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How I used pure essential oils for toothache pain relief

The Universe is still sending me opportunities to test the power of doTERRA essential oils.  Last week I had awful toothache coming from an old root canal filling. Before going to Peru, I’d had my mercury fillings replaced and shortly after a dental checkup upon my return, the replacement filling had dropped out. I’d eaten something and the tooth had cracked as tooth walls were thin.  So it wasn’t possible to replace the filling. I decided to leave it for a while as the dentist said the only option was an extraction.

After my psychic reading with Mary Curtis a couple of weeks ago, she’d warned me to get it seen to as soon as possible as I was going to experience problems with it.  Sure enough, Mary’s prediction came true. (By the way, I highly recommend a reading with Mary … she is brilliant and I’m really loving her first book ‘The Goldfish That Jumped’ – full of wisdom).

I thought I’d try the doTERRA oils and applied melaleuca directly to the gum, and oil pulled with coconut oil and a drop of oregano oil.  In addition, I did warm salt swishes.  

I went to bed in a lot of pain and woke up the next morning pain-free!
I was amazed … and very grateful.

Whether the infection is still there, I do not know, but I’m continuing to use the oils twice a day as a prevention until the tooth is extracted on Thursday.

I’m also using the oils on my left foot … more about that next time!

My research into essential oils and doTERRA continues and I’m so excited that on Wednesday, you will learn about ways to support your own healing using natural products.  Dawn Murray will be talking about how essential oils can help our health and wellbeing. 

Check out this video on youtube in the meantime about a student who won a science prize at school for conducting a science experiment Oregano Oil vs Amoxicillin Antibiotic

For further information about doTERRA essential oils, check out the website: 

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