Healing my broken rib with support of pure essential oils

Mastery Path July 6, 2015 0
Healing my broken rib with support of pure essential oils

I’m loving the synchronicities that have been occurring relating to our next event. Who’d have thought a broken rib could bring such a gift?  

The day after our last Mastery Path event, I was in so much pain that I went to the hospital where they confirmed that I had indeed broken a rib. There was a lot of inflammation and the doctor said he’d prescribe painkillers and ibuprofen – he was concerned about the potential for pneumonia. I declined his offer of prescription drugs and phoned Dawn Murray to find out how the Doterra essential oils could help me.

I had the doTERRA Family Physician oil kit and Dawn suggested I use Deep Blue with Frankincense over the top which I did. I could feel the oils working right away and reapplied them frequently in the first few days, as if taking pain killers at regular intervals. I was amazed at how effective the oils were for pain relief and the speed of my recovery. 90% of the pain had subsided within 3 days of using them and within a week, I was back doing the Five Tibetan Rites (yoga based exercises).  Needless to say … I’m impressed!

Since then, I’ve been researching essential oils and I’m so excited to learn more about them on 8 July when Dawn will be talking about how essential oils can help our health and wellbeing.

FOR MASTERY PATH MEMBERS – There’s also a special opportunity to have your bioenergy field read using a special machine for the first to arrive.

You can find out more about doTERRA pure essential oils here: www.mydoterra.com/magdalenewellness


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