Global Hugs Ambassadors Share Love at Om Yoga Show 2015

Mastery Path May 20, 2015 1
Global Hugs Ambassadors Share Love at Om Yoga Show 2015

Global Hugs AmbassadorsGlobal Hugs Ambassadors Marie & Paul








We had a fabulous three days offering free hugs at the Om Yoga Show held at Event City in Manchester from 15-17 May.  We gave out hundreds of hugs, taught people how to do heart hugs (left cheek to left cheek so that your hearts connect), and recruited Global Hugs Ambassadors to join our Facebook group.

As it was the OM Yoga Show, Debra also shared a few ‘Om Hugs’ which are very powerful – you can feel the vibration and resonance throughout your whole body and recipients of this hug were wowed by the experience.

Everyone needs a hug. According to family therapist Virginia Satir, “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance.  We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

If you’d like to help us to share unconditional love through offering hugs, join us here – everyone welcome!

Thanks to everyone who helped Paul and I on our stand – it gave us a break so that we could have a look around, enjoy the free samples of juices, raw chocolate and healthy snacks, and offer hugs to stall holders at the show.

It was great to see so many of our friends from Mastery Path, including previous speakers, crew, members and attendees.

Hugs with Mastery Path SpeakersGlobal Huggers Cheryl and Dave

John and Cheryl share a heart hugDebra and Natalie

Debra hugs Louise and HelenPaul Kalus with Robin Graham

Debra welcomes new Global Hugs Ambassadors.

Debra and John with Rev Dawn Cox and familyDebra with Michael and Lynn






John and Debra welcome April and Chris (holding baby River) as new Global Hugs Ambassadors. April’s mum Rev Dawn Cox was the first ever Global Hugs Ambassador to be appointed and she encourages people to hug everywhere she goes.   It’s not every day you meet another Director of Hugs! Debra was delighted to meet Michael Kearney and his wife Lynn (photo on right).

Debra with Sam and Laura

Debra with stall holders Sam Livermore and Laura Sheil from Global Love Letters who had travelled from Liverpool to share love through writing anonymous love letters which are secretly given to people to find later.

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