Event Review – Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Relationships – Harun Rabbani

Mastery Path September 22, 2015 1
Event Review – Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Relationships – Harun Rabbani

Harun Rabbani gave us so much value at our last event, establishing what everyone wanted from the evening right at the beginning and ensuring that all our needs had been met before he closed.

The evening was interactive with some effective exercises and metaphors used to aid the learning experience.

Harun explained that the things that we resent and get triggered by are the parts of us that we’ve not owned. When you embrace these parts, they are no longer needed.

Here’s one of the exercises to illustrate how to embrace all parts of yourself (length: 4:22).

If you want to be happy, stop looking for love and be compassionate and loving.

Become a better friend and practice being helpful towards others.

Make better choices through trusting your gut and your intuition.

If you want to be in a new relationship, write down 300 reasons why and be sure to state them in the positive and in the present tense. This gives the Universe more opportunities to conspire to make it happen through your intention.

To increase your vitality, create a massive vision that will ignite your spark.

In this short clip, Harun talks about keeping your two hearts clean (Length 2:11)

Harun generously donated two prizes for the prize draw and I had set the intention to win SynchroMastery – Harun’s brand new audio training programme for change makers who want to exponentially increase their business growth (value $297). I bought £5 worth of tickets which I gave to Paul to look after for me.  Imagine my delight when one of my ticket was picked as first prize!  I also won second prize (it wasn’t a fix) and put this back into the draw. Apparently Paul had set the intention for me to win again!!!  I asked Harun to draw another number and Julie Sutcliffe was delighted with her prize which was the entire Soulmate Wisdom Collection (value $125) – this is a collection of 25 of the best teachers on relationships on the planet.   You can purchase both these products directly from Harun if you’d also like these. www.soulmatewisdom.com

Julie and I weren’t the only two winners on the evening … Everyone there was gifted a healing session with Harun. I was very touched by his generosity both on the evening and in offering his time to help everyone.

Here’s a Thank You message to MP attendees from Harun Rabbani  https://youtu.be/ytI3iM13yvo

Originally we were going to run the 1 day workshop on 24 October and have changed the date to 1 November so that the venue and traffic is quieter.

FEEDBACK posted on Facebook after the event:

Cheryl Carey Just arrived home – what a Fab evening again at Mastery Path, thank you Debra and Paul. HARUN was amazing as ever with so many golden nuggets to take away. Thank you so much Harun for all the extras. Looking forward to your next workshop here.

Karen Shaw It was a fantastic evening, so very glad and grateful to have been there. Thank you Harun for your generosity and insights and for ‘reminding’ me of soooooo much.

Julie Silver It was so lovely to see you Harun Rabbani .Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiring & enlightening session. 

BUY THE WHOLE FOOTAGE FOR THIS EVENT and watch online for just £15 (£10 for MP members).

E: debramagdalene@gmail.com – stating preferred method of payment  (paypal / BACS / cheque / cash)

And we have some exciting news … we’ve arranged for Harun to return to do a one day retreat for us on 1 November with early bird tickets available for the first 25 people to book before 30 September 2015.
Heartfulness Now Retreat: The Five Steps to Total Heart Transformation – Harun Rabbani

Book now via Eventbrite to secure best price: http://bit.ly/1j64anW

That’s all for now.

Look forward to seeing you at a Mastery Path event.

Debra Sofia Magdalene


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