Event Review – Dee at Soul Temple Academy – Chakra Evolution

Mastery Path December 5, 2015 0
Event Review – Dee at Soul Temple Academy – Chakra Evolution

We had a fascinating evening with Dee talking about 12 chakras which incorporate the 7 main physical chakras connected to the glands of your body, and to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  She explained how every cell of your body has a vortex (or chakra) that allows the flow of Universal energy.

The evening was very practical with Dee sharing various exercises which we can all use, including a beautiful Rainbow Light Meditation which was very deep.  We were given a useful handout so we could remember and use these techniques at home.

Here’s a short video of Dee explaining different chakras (2:53)

Dee explained how we affect the world around us with our light.  Trauma can cause our auras to be dinted or close down completely which leads to illness. We can dowse our chakras using rods, pendulums or kinesiology to determine whether they are open or closed.

Dee went through a simplified version of Pleiadian Spiritual Laws which are similar to the 10 Commandments but stated in an empowering way without dogma.  You’ll find these in the rare book called ‘Star Wisdom’ by Gene Andrade, or in detail in ‘The Decalogue’.  The basis is:

  • Unconditionally Love and Respect Yourself
  • Unconditionally Love and Respect All Life
  • Unconditionally Love and Respect The Creational Force of the Universal All That Is (also known as God or Creator)

Check out this short video on Star Wisdom (4:08).

Dee has been facilitating meditation and Angel Aura workshops and classes, including Rainbow Angel Tai Chi, for over 12 years. She also provides angel and colour readings, and runs training to help you to do your own soul level readings.

Follow up workshops and events are available for those who want to find out more.

E: info@soultempleacademy.com


Full footage of this event is available to purchase and watch online – £15 (or £10 for Mastery Path members).  E: debra@mastery-path.com to order



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