Event Horizon Cosmic Wave 28 September 2015

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On Monday 28 September, we have a Full Moon and also an Event Horizon Cosmic Wave (referred to as Wave-X) which will bring in very powerful energies.
It has been billed as “the most important date in the history of humanity’.  
The multiple celestial events occurring at the same time will allow us to be bombarded with high frequency gamma wave light coming from the Galactic core. This will impact the earth and all who live on her in a good way so don’t be fearful. It’s all part of a bigger plan and you can open fully to the infinite possibilities that are your birthright.

We take in light through the sun’s rays so sit in a garden, park or walk in nature without sunglasses and feel the sun on your face and arms. This also helps to top up your levels of Vitamin D.

For those of us on the spiritual path, this is where our inner work needs to go up a notch so that we can hold more light in our bodies to help the rest of humanity on the ascension path. So do your own ceremony or ritual and let go of what is no longer serving you.

If you need support on your journey, we’re here to assist. 

How to help yourself:

  • Attend the events, workshops and retreats that we arrange for you at Mastery Path to raise your vibration.
  • Book 1 to 1 sessions for individual support with whichever teacher resonates most with you. (Debra has an opening for 2 people who want to work with her.)
  • Cleanse your body from the build up of toxins which accumulate through eating foods containing pesticides and chemicals, environmental toxins, personal care products.
  • Eat clean whole foods with a rainbow colour of vegetables and fruits. Eat more raw foods.
  • Drink plenty of clean water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Supplement your diet with high quality supplements – the soil is depleted of nutrients so food alone will not give you what you need. (doTerra’s  supplements are fabulous).
  • Eliminate processed and microwaved food. Read labels. Reduce or eliminate sugar, alcohol, dairy and food with no nutritional value. Get advice from a nutritionist who can give you support with healthy alternatives.
  • Get 8 hours sleep a night.
  • Meditate and focus on your breath.
  • Do the inner work to clear negative emotions and maintain emotional balance.
  • Live in the present moment of NOW – not the past or future.
  • Ground and centre yourself every day. Here’s a great way to do that. Centeredness
  • Do more of what brings you joy and less of what brings you down.
  • Practice self-love, compassion and kindness to all living beings (including yourself).
  • Regularly clear your energy field. Here’s a method using Crystal Ki
  • Participate in group meditations and help shift the collective consciousness

During the upgrade be gentle with yourself.
Don’t be surprised if things surface that have been hidden for quite a while – they are being presented so that you can clear them. If you are still finding yourself feeling like a victim of life’s circumstances, take personal responsibility and understand that everything in your life has been created by you. When you change your inner world, the outer world changes. The people in your life are a reflection.

Reach out for help if you need support.

Love and blessings

Debra Sofia Magdalene

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