Communicating with Your Higher Self & Activativating Self-Healing – Coby Zvikler

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Communicating with Your Higher Self & Activativating Self-Healing – Coby Zvikler
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 6.30 pm Registration for 7.00 pm start. Ends 9.30 pm.
Venue: 11 Morley St, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6GF

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Have you ever asked the BIG questions …

Why am I here?

How can I be happy?

Who am I really?

What is the Higher Self?

At this interactive session, Coby will be taking us through these big questions.

  • Learn the key to accessing your Higher Self no matter what else is going on for you in life.
  • Learn how to connect with all aspects of your self.
  • Learn how to enhance Higher Self communication.
  • Learn how to activate self-healing.


About Coby Zvikler

As a small child, Coby Zvikler, the creator of the Empower System, seemed to have a natural gift for healing others, and over many years he has developed a system that allows the average person to tap into their own natural self-healing abilities – with amazing results! Coby has spent the last 27 years researching into his abilities as well as how certain people are able to heal themselves more quickly than others.

The Empower System does not impose any philosophical or religious set of beliefs on anyone using it, nor does it place responsibility for healing in the hands of any but the person seeking it. Coby’s therapy honours the inner wisdom of the individual soul. The purpose of the Empower System is to support an individual’s Higher Self – helping him or her alleviate illness and pain as well as helping to expand awareness and realise one’s highest potentials.




£10.00 Members * (Annual Membership just £25)

£15.00 Non-Members

Under 18s FOC when accompanied by parent or guardian


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