Event Review – Animal Healing: Can you hear their voice – Michelle Greaves

Mastery Path November 13, 2015 0

Michelle Greaves


Michelle started off the evening getting us all in the right space and we were invited to close our eyes, bring an animal to mind and send them healing during the chanting meditation.
We chanted the words OM Namo Narayanaya which means ‘I surrender to the Universe’ which brings out healing from within.

Michelle shared with us some case studies of animals that she’s worked with including her dog Monte who suffered emotional pain from leaving his mum and who collapsed on the floor with a heart condition. Michelle chanted and sent healing to Monte and has been working with animals since then.

We were encouraged to tune in to animals and understand their needs.


Here’s a short clip (1:44) of Michelle speaking …

Michelle works with horses, dogs, cats or other animals and travels in the Cheshire/Staffordshire area to work with the animals in their own homes.

Testimonial from Mastery Path Member Sandra Czachur

“Michelle came to talk to Barkley, he was instantly at ease and so was I! Barkley was a rescue dog, but we do know that at his first home he was bullied by another big dog. Michelle tuned into his early life and found he was sad at being taken away from his mother at such an early age, also he is easily confused and overwhelmed sometimes. Luckily he is very happy with me! Barkley has joint problems because he is a Newfoundland cross, his joints aren’t big enough to carry him, Michelle spent a lot of time healing these areas, Barkley loved it!! I feel more in tune with Barkley now and I would definitely recommend a healing session with Michelle – she oozes healing vibes xxx”  Sandra and Barkley

Michelle is a holistic therapist for dogs and horses, an energy healer and animal communicator. This path began as a child; Michelle’s childhood was spent amongst horses and dogs. Understanding them whole-heartedly. Connecting with them without fear but trust.

Dogs and horses are Michelle’s biggest teachers. And Michelle is here to serve them – to help dogs and horses set their souls free. If you’d like help for your animals from Michelle, contact her.


E: michelledawngreaves@live.com   T: 07977 121323


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