Amazon Retreat

Welcome to Magdalene Spiritual Journeys!

Do you want to find inner peace?

Do you want to find out what’s your next step in life?

Do you want to stretch your comfort zone, raise your vibration and expand your consciousness?

Well maybe you’re in the right place.

Are you looking for:

  • an immersion experience with exponential spiritual growth?
  • an opportunity to experience living with a tribe to appreciate different cultures?
  • fun and adventure?
  • a deeper connection and appreciation of nature?
  • an opportunity to detox and cleanse physically, mentally and emotionally?
  • the ability to love yourself and others unconditionally?
  • the ability to be more compassionate with yourself and all humanity?
  • an increase in the levels of joy that you experience?
  • direct experience of your multi-dimensionality, passing beyond the veil of illusion to gain insights for your growth?
  • a stronger connection to Divine source?

Debra invites you to join her on a transformational voyage of personal discovery,  as well as a journey deep inside yourself … one which will reconnect you with who you really are… Divine Love.


Magdalene Spiritual Journeys Amazon Retreat


Applications and Expressions of Interest being taken for late 2016/2017

  • This Ayahuasca retreat is for you if you seriously committed to your spiritual growth and you are brave enough to face your shadow.  Working with sacred plant medicines shows you your deeply hidden aspects which when cleared, allow you to experience true liberation and live Heaven on Earth every day.  It is not an easy journey but for those willing to trust and surrender to the process … it is worth it!

  • This Ayahuasca retreat is not for you if you are looking for a centre catering for the increasingly popular spiritual tourism trade or if you’re just curious about trying ayahuasca. It is not for you if you are still in victim mindset and are not aware of your spiritual nature. 

You must be of sound mind and physically fit and due to the nature of this programme, everyone applying for a place will be interviewed to assess their suitability for this life-changing, transformational, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


 “Debra is a true spiritual warrior. Her deep insights into the mysteries of the universe as revealed through her work with shamanic sacred plant medicines are profoundly important for safeguarding of our planet and to the development of our species.  Those who are lucky enough to hear of her amazing direct experiences cannot help to feel more energised, inspired and alive. Thank you Debra for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experiences with us. It was an inspiring and truly enlightening day.” (Wes Floyd, Wrexham)

Read more about what others say about Debra at the bottom of this page.


Once you’ve received confirmation of your place, you will book your international flight to Lima then take an internal flight to Iquitos, arriving before 5.30 pm the day before we depart into the jungle.

Our group will stay in the same hotel and have an orientation briefing before going out for dinner.

On the first morning, we take an unforgettable scenic boat journey up the Amazon River.

Our destination is deep in the rainforest to a small remote Shipibo village called San Jose Pueblo, located in a pristine area next to the clear waters of a tributary called Manati.

We will spend 15 nights at our private centre on the programme outlined below.

We leave by boat for the return journey to Iquitos early in the morning on final day, checking into our hotel and having dinner together in the evening.

For those who want to visit one of the wonders of the world and experience more of beautiful Peru, there is an optional 6 day trip extension to visit Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, where we will work with a different sacred plant medicine. This tour starts 3 days after we leave the jungle to allow time for rest and acclimatisation in the beautiful city of Cusco where there is no shortage of places for you to visit. This tour can also be taken as a stand alone tour with optional 6 day trip extension to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.


NOTE:  A lot of photos disappeared after a wordpress upgrade – will be amended when time permits.

Travelling by boat on the Amazon River is an experience you will remember forever!


11018601_10153130963148134_5815923681551084883_n 11017874_10153130963403134_1480681673622800742_n 10411047_10153131087043134_4677718174852294656_n

10410492_10153130963353134_3029850611253819931_n-1   10347094_10153131006943134_3819657629424944318_n   Boat trip on the Amazon

  • Feel the stresses of modern day life melt away as you escape your usual routine
  • Observe wildlife, birds and fish as you sail up the river … you may want to bring a small pair of binoculars
  • Look out for the native pink dolphins of the Amazon
  • Admire the stunning beauty of your natural surroundings
  • Eat delicious fresh local fruits to nourish your body
  • Take in the sun’s energy as you enjoy the warmth of the rays on your face
  • Reflect on your reasons for coming on this trip of a lifetime
  • Feel deep gratitude for being part of this group
  • Get to know your fellow passengers with whom you will be sharing this transformational journey
  • Let go of all expectations as you travel deeper into the Amazon …

10347493_10153130963563134_5172493289510988270_n 1454755_10153130964203134_3522578300993202311_n-1Upon arrival at San Jose pueblo, you will receive the warmest welcome you’ve ever experienced as the women and children eagerly await your arrival.

This immediately puts your mind at rest and helps to allay any fears that may be lingering in your mind.

You walk up the stairs built into the side of the bank and are led along a wooden walkway to the small casitas which will be your home for the next 14 nights.

(Pictures of the buildings are shown further down this page.)



Cristina and Debra

Over the 15 days and 14 nights living with the Shipibo Tribe, you will participate in five sacred ayahuasca ceremonies facilitated by two Shamans and a Plant Master who specialise in purification, protection, medicinal plants and Ayahuasca ceremonies. You will be safely guided into other dimensions where Mother Ayahuasca will give you whatever you need right now for your Highest good.

Debra Sofia Magdalene and Cristina Trujillo will assist with holding space and making sure that you are fully supported and safe throughout.

Debra and Cristina were both participants on Children of the Sun Foundation’s Avatar Training Expedition in the Amazon in September 2013 and have answered the calling to return, to help others experience exponential spiritual and personal growth.

Cristina has over 4 years experience with Ayahuasca ceremonies and other medicinal plants, and she’s co-facilitated other Amazon retreats at San Jose village.  As Spanish is her mother tongue, she will act as our translator and liaise with the team in the village to ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Debra and Cristina’s biographies are below.


Shipibo Shamanic Team in Temple 11025193_10153130968978134_1536585453419304623_n  Shipibo women inside temple    Kavi singing icaros inside temple


Watch this short video interview with Debra Sofia Magdalene interviewing Tiara Kumara from Children of the Sun Foundation about Sacred Plant Medicines used during the Retreat. (7:51)




You have plenty of time during the retreat to:

Resting in Hammocks

  • chill out and relax
  • rest and recover
  • read
  • journal
  • personal reflection
  • be creative
  • be still and silent
  • integrate
  • appreciate the beauty of your natural surroundings




Accommodation at San Jose Pueblo  11021246_10153130968668134_5833847196507580081_n

You have your own simple room with a bed covered by a mosquito net.

There are separate toilet blocks with water butts for washing and flushing.

There is no electricity so no overhead cables or internet connection to interfere with your electromagnetic field.

Rooms are lit by oil lamps and you can take your candles and torch.

What a fantastic opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to live off grid!

You have a complete digital detox – free of modern day technology.


Bathing in Amazon   11013512_10153131007538134_4847379239229882833_n

You bathe and swim each day in the Amazon River, experiencing the purification of the sacred water.

It is so much fun to float downstream with friends, and great exercise to swim upstream against the current.

Debra decided to cover herself in mud from the river bank and her skin felt amazing after absorbing the minerals.

1238959_613849632000272_1120595498_n Blue Morpho Butterfly 20715_10153130987233134_3680399040893473110_n

If you’re lucky, brightly coloured butterflies come and interact with you … such a magical experience!




You will experience guided jungle treks to collect the vines and leaves, seeing plant medicines in their natural environment.

These teacher-healer plants enable you to experience physical and emotional healing, assisting in your purification and enabling you to raise your vibration and hold more light in your body.

Jungle walk




You will experience a sacred ceremony by Dr Shingo, a huge tree which is guardian of the region, being blessed and purified in a ritual to request permission to collect sacred plant medicines from the area.




During one of her ayahuasca ceremonies, Debra merged her consciousness with this tree and had direct experience of what it felt like to be the guardian of this region of the Amazon.



SARACURA – to recalibrate the nervous system

10520672_10153130971453134_1389319897453700367_n 10329248_10153130973543134_3668650186158054403_nSaracura means ‘Sarah heals’ and Juni was shown in a dream the precise location of this medicine, how to prepare and use it.

The  actual medicine of this plant is a thin layer of pink skin located  between the outer and inner layers of bark.

Saracura acts to calm and recalibrate the nervous system and repair damaged synapses in the brain.

It helps to balance emotions, heal pain and bring about a sense of calm and well-being, allowing you to drop deeper as you let go of any stresses.

This is the only place in the world where you can drink the medicine from this incredible plant and you will drink it as a tea each day.


RENEQUILLA – to help purify our blood and organs


Preparing plant medicines as a group

You drink an infusion made from renequilla every day to assist in the cleansing of your organs and purification of your circulatory systems. This plant medicine connects you with your life force energy and it is said that Renequilla is also beneficial for the reproductive systems.

Renequilla is traditionally considered by Amazonian healers to help the muscular system as it works to relax, repair and rejuvenate depleted muscles.


UNA DE GATO – to boost our immune system and cleanse the blood


You drink Una de Gato every day as a tea.  Also known as ‘Cat’s Claw’, this vine is known as a ‘miracle herb of the rainforest’ and has gained in popularity worldwide as a natural remedy to treat colds, viral infections, skin disorders, tumours, digestive problems and for healing arthritis, rheumatism and strengthening bone marrow.  It is considered by many to help to return the body to a healthy balance. Una de Gato is an anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing properties and when cut, produces a substance resembling blood which congeals and heals if the cut piece is put back in position on the plant.

From a plant spirit/shamanic perspective, it can restore this inner sacred union of spirit and physical body.


AYAHUASCA VINE AND CHACRUNA LEAF – for body, mind and soul


Preparing plant medicines

The Ayahuasca vine resembles DNA as it grows. Many people regard Ayahuasca as a hallucinogen but it’s actually an entheogen, providing enhanced clarity rather than distorted illusions. An hallucination is an unconscious experience (like a dream) whilst an entheogen brings about the potential of a super-conscious experience, enabling you to access profound understandings and perceptions which you don’t experience in daily life.

The great Ayahuasca medicine of the Peruvian Amazon is traditionally made by combining the ayahuasca vine and the leaves of the chacruna plant. Chacruna contains DMT which is a natural substance produced by your body at the moment of your birth and when you die. The mix of these two plants allows your consciousness to travel beyond the veil and experience other realms. Each shaman has their own recipe and needs the correct doses of each to have the most synergistic effect to propel your transformation. There are five kinds of ayahuasca, each resulting in different outcomes.  The brew you drink at each of our five ceremonies is very concentrated and powerful.

Ayahuasca is a supreme plant intelligence which offers profound insights. Ayahuasca has its own unique cosmology, its own language and its own way of healing and transforming that is beyond this world … and definitely beyond the mind. This master teacher plant is a gift from the earth to transform human consciousness and guide you into your greater self. A mother vine and supreme cosmic teacher plant, Ayahuasca continues to assist countless people to heal traumas, health conditions, mental and emotional instabilities, clear genetic lineages, solve perplexing situations, download cutting edge information and creativity, activate DNA and so much more.

Ayahuasca assists you in learning how to work with other types of energies that are not easily accessed with everyday consciousness. From this expanded space, she teaches you to tune in to multi-dimensional states of perception through intention alone. She guide you into experiences of the heart, to reveal your deepest pain and your greatest healing in order to liberate the powerful soul within.




As a group, we help to collect and prepare the plant medicines under the guidance of Juni, the Plant Master, who demonstrates what to do.

We infuse our love and blessings into every process along the way.

The plant medicines are made according to ancient traditions, handed down through the generations.




During our retreat, you have the opportunity to share your experiences and insights with the group so that we can all learn and deepen our connection with each other.

We form strong bonds as we undergo profound transformation and lifelong friendships are formed with your soul family.

During the ceremonies, you experience the interconnectedness of everything that exists.

We are all connected. We are ONE.  We are LOVE.

Avatar Training Retreat Group photo Children of the Sun Foundation 14072_10153130989693134_3904510390832735365_n




  • Five sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Guided jungle walks
  • A sacred ceremony by Dr Shingo, the huge guardian tree of the jungle
  • Collecting and making sacred plant medicines
  • Full Moon Fire ceremony
  • Ascension programme teachings
  • Rest and recovery day after each ceremony for you to do as you wish
  • Group sharing sessions to share insights and experiences
  • Yoga and the Five Tibetan Rites
  • Meditations
  • Body work and healing sessions with each other (optional)

To allow us to be in flow, we reserve the right to change the programme if necessary.


In 2013 whilst participating in her own ayahuasca ceremonies, Debra experienced what it was like to die and have a life review. She was shown that in this lifetime, she’s here on a path of mastery in all areas of her life and that she should teach these to others.  Debra had gone to Peru on a one-way ticket so that she could spend time following her heart. This led her to spending 11 months in South America where she spent time in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.  Debra encourages you to take time for yourself after this retreat for reflection and to make space for the integration which will continue for many months after you leave the jungle.


 5 Steps on the Path to Mastery 

Master your body

Look after the temple in which your spirit resides; detox; cleanse; nourish your body; exercise; love your body; prepare your body to increase its light quotient.

Master your mind

Free yourself; master your thoughts; become aware of sub-conscious programming; make peace with yourself; know that you are a limitless creator of your own reality.

Master your heart

Transmute lower vibrations; find your triggers; work with your ego; clear, clean and heal your wounds through forgiveness; practice non-attachment; detach from the 3D delusional matrix drama; love yourself and others unconditionally;  surrender to love.

Master your energy

Clear and balance your energy field, know your truth; balance the masculine/feminine energies within you; the power of breath, grounding.

Master your spirit

Know yourself as a multi-dimensional creator; embody your higher self; surrender to Divine will; live Heaven on Earth every day; have faith and trust; develop your psychic abilities; sacred sexuality.





Every person has a different experience with Ayahuasca and no two ceremonies are the same.

One thing’s for sure though … life will never be the same again.

Here are some of the things that others have experienced … trust that you will receive whatever is right for you.

  • Raise your vibration
  • Cleanse your system through the purging process
  • Recalibrate your body
  • Directly experience yourself as a multi-dimensional being
  • Become a conscious master and creator of your own reality
  • Gain insights and teachings from the sacred plant medicines
  • Release and clear old programmes
  • Expand your intuition
  • Receive upgrades from the celestial healing teams
  • Compress years of therapy into 15 days
  • Physical, emotional and multi-dimensional healing
  • Activate your expanded DNA blueprint
  • Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth
  • Know your next step when you leave the jungle
  • Magically manifest your dreams
  • Increase your healing ability
  • Stay centred no matter what experiences life throws at you
  • Love yourself and others unconditionally
  • Have compassion for the whole of humanity
  • Let go of struggle and live gracefully in the flow of life
  • Align with your life purpose and take it to the next level
  • Learn how to follow synchronicities, signs and messages from the Universe
  • Make the shift from 3D to 5D living by changing your perception of reality
  • Access the higher consciousness more easily through meditation when leaving the jungle
  • Know that everything you ever need is within you right now
  • Reclaim your birthright and know yourself as the I AM presence, connected to everything in the Universe







10384202_10153130986953134_497548020269093876_n 10414880_10153131087978134_341534432532499729_nWe eat our meals together.  Our food is lovingly prepared each day and is plentiful… you won’t go hungry!


You will follow a strict Shaman’s Dieta to prepare your body for working with the plant medicines.

You will eat a simple diet of fresh fish, organic eggs, rice, plantain, yucca, bananas, honey, some fruit, tomato and cucumber. This diet is the traditional way of preparing your body for purifying and entering expanded states of consciousness. It works synchronistically with the plant medicines and you are asked to relax any other dietary requirements that you may follow whilst on this retreat.

Upon acceptance to this retreat, you will receive a bonus free membership to Detox With Debra Group Coaching Programme so that you can start to cleanse and prepare your body in advance. You will eliminate all meat, processed foods, salt, sugar, alcohol, smoking, and drugs. You have lifetime access to the secret Facebook Group with resources to help keep you on track when you return home.

You will drink bottled water and herbal teas in addition to the plant medicines.




Shipibo woman washing clothes in Amazon


Your laundry is done every day and dried in the sun.

We wear white clothes for ceremonies and casual clothes the rest of the time.

You will be sent a list of things to pack upon acceptance.






11037460_10153130961533134_1697962131972499992_n 11046524_10153130974478134_839080797593868139_n

10610505_10153130958703134_3297746014716060206_n    Debra Sofia Magdalene with Kavi10299931_10153130958318134_1309887668780456203_n 11030644_10153130992143134_8046168683886862455_n Making Music in Shipibo Village

We are hosted and taken care of by a beautiful family and their supporting village called ‘Casa Shipiba’.

You will notice how happy everyone is as you live their lifestyle, totally in harmony with the natural world and with a deep respect for everything.

The Shipibo are an indigenous people living along the banks and tributaries of the Amazon River. The name refers to their spoken language which dates back to the Inca Empire.  The spoken language with us is in Spanish and Cristina, whose mother tongue is Spanish, acts as our official translator.

Why not take the opportunity to learn a few words of Spanish whilst you’re there so that you can communicate directly? It’s always easier to learn a language when living in the country.




A highlight of your visit is when all the gifts we’ve taken with us are shared out amongst the men, women and children living in the village. They are grateful for school supplies, art supplies, clothing etc.  You can ask your family and friends for donations of pre-loved items before you travel.

Instead of packing all your clothes before leaving, you could consider donating them which will leave room in your bag to take home special items from the village and Iquitos when we return there.


Once you arrive at the retreat centre, everything is included: accommodation, food, laundry, ceremonies … you may want to bring extra money with you to support the local economy.

The Shipibo women make beautiful intricate hand embroidered textiles, clothing and jewellery, and you can also buy instruments and crafts as special mementos for yourself, as gifts, and/or to sell once you’re home.  You can also take your own clothes and arrange for designs to be embroidered onto them.

Inside the temple, the wall hangings are embroidered with icaros for protection and it’s wonderful to take one or two home with you as they are imbued with energy from our ceremonies.

Kavi selling Shipibo handicrafts  Shipibo woman making beads  10846181_10153130972453134_2848697837613052634_n   10354675_10153130968573134_3948362501626346560_n   11034908_10153130985148134_7096420734660291751_n

Shipibo Textiles 1  10426298_10153130957958134_8467933007122321531_n




15 Unforgettable, Transformative days in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

Cristina and Debra

Cristina and Debra – photograph taken in September 2013 whilst both were participating in Avatar Training
with Children of the Sun Foundation facilitated by Tiara Kumara and Christof (formerly Steve Jack).



Debra Sofia Magdalene


Debra Sofia MagdaleneDebra Sofia Magdalene’s purpose is to help to raise consciousness on the planet.  She does this through constantly working on herself and openly sharing her insights, learnings and personal journey with others.

Debra left a successful and varied career in business to set up her coaching and training business Global Hugs Ltd, with a mission to share unconditional love. She’s the founder of Mastery Path Events and creator of Detox with Debra group coaching programme.

Working with sacred plant medicines in the Amazon has led Debra to now working with doTerra’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  These powerful plant medicines work on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and many spiritual teachers are being called to use them in their work. After experiencing her own miracles with the essential oils, Debra now runs classes educating people on how to use them in different ways and is looking for like-minded souls to assist in bringing ancient wisdom back to the masses and raising consciousness.

Debra is a certified Coach, NLP and Timeline Therapy™ Practitioner, has studied various energy healing modalities, and has traveled the world training with world leaders in personal and spiritual development.  She uses herself to test out what works then shares her learnings with others to help them fast-track their own growth.

In 2011, Debra sold her house and gave away most of her possessions to follow her soul’s guidance of travelling to places that had been calling her for so long … the temples, pyramids and sacred sites in Egypt; the Mary Magdalene and Cathar sites in France; spending time at Damanhur spiritual community in the Italian mountains; visiting Mayan sites whilst touring through Mexico; going on a pilgrimage to Guatemala and Honduras where she participated in many ceremonies to prepare for 12:12:12 and 21:12:12.

In 2013 whilst on a detox retreat in Spain, she heard about sacred plant medicines and upon her return she received an email from Children of the Sun Foundation inviting her to apply for Avatar Training in the Peruvian Amazon.  She immediately knew that she was being called and only a few months later, found herself experiencing more spiritual growth than she ever dreamed possible.

Debra had booked a one-way ticket to Peru and spent 11 months travelling to different parts of Peru and Bolivia, finishing her journey in August 2014 at John of God’s Healing Centre in Brazil.

Debra is loving, compassionate, very grounded and speaks from the heart, allowing herself to be vulnerable by sharing her personal experiences to help others.  Check out some of her Mastery Path Connections interviews about sacred plant medicines on Mastery Path’s youtube channel.

Cristina Trujillo


Cristina Trujillo is here to efficiently and impeccably translate the language of higher consciousness, consistently searching and defining her inner wisdom. Her journey was ignited after a series of spiritual awakenings beginning in 2004 while working regularly with the profound energy healer — Jolanda Ruggeri.

During the intense period of her awakenings, she started to educate herself in the fascinating world of Energy Alchemy as she began to study modalities such as, Breema, Metatron Transmission, Reiki, Darshan, Theta Healing, health restorative, life-rejuvenating nutrition, Holotropic Breathwork, Egyptian Alchemy and the work of Jiva and Juliette Carter’s, The Template.

In 2010 Cristina was introduced to the plant medicine Mother Ayahuasca which initiated a 180 degree turn-around. It then became known to her that this was to be the next expansion into her path as she was guided to work more deeply with the Mother. She has had the honor to work with four different shamans, participating regularly in transformative retreats, as well as extended periods in many sacred sites around the world such as, Mount Shasta, Hawaii, Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Jungle.

In 2013/14 Cristina participated in two Peruvian jungle expeditions. She began with a fifteen day Avatar Training program with the Children of the Sun Foundation as a prototype for a specific combination of medicinal plants. It was during this program that she was once again guided to deepen her work with Mother Ayahuasca. Her second retreat into the jungle was as a translator, coordinator, and assistant to Steve Jack. Through these profound experiences, it became clear to Cristina that her offering to the human family is to share and support a deeper understanding of consciousness and evolution.  Cristina has over 41/2 years experience of working with Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants including San Pedro and Peyote. As a native Spanish speaker, she will be our translator on this retreat.




Full pricing will be provided at the time of you requesting an application form.

Pricing is not provided here on purpose … we don’t want you to make a decision based on finances.

You are either called to this journey or not.



  • Return boat journey from Iquitos to San Jose Pueblo
  • Sleeping accommodation in the jungle
  • Food and drinks whilst in the jungle
  • Laundry whilst in the jungle
  • All ceremonies
  • Programme activities whilst in the jungle
  • Rubber jungle boots
  • BONUS:  Detox with Debra Group Coaching Programme (value £97)


  • Airfares, airport taxes, visa fees, baggage charges (do not book travel until advised to do so)
  • Transfers from and to the airports
  • Accommodation in Iquitos and meals outside of San Jose village
  • Medical advice
  • Travel and medical insurance (compulsory – policy details must be provided)
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Personal expenses for telephone charges, gifts, souvenirs etc
  • Any activity or service not specified herein as part of the retreat
  • Trip extension to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley



When you sign up for a trip of this nature, the ego can start to play up and send you into fear.  It’s all part of the process.  Once you commit to this journey, the process has already started. Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts in the event of you cancelling your place, arriving late, flight cancellations, travel delays, illness etc.  Due to the nature of this retreat,  your place is not transferrable to another programme or person. We wish we could provide refunds for unforeseen circumstances (e.g. family emergencies) but we have expenses that we need to pay upfront and your deposit is used for this purpose.

If it is necessary for you to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances it is essential that you notify Debra in writing by email immediately to If you have paid the full cost of the retreat and the retreat is fully booked, we may be able to refund 50% of the total retreat price if we fill your place. A large proportion of your payment goes to support the workers and village. We recommend that you take out a trip cancellation policy to cover you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.



Option 1:   Payment in full due when your place has been confirmed.

Option 2:  Minimum deposit of 50% upon acceptance to secure your place. Balance due before 17 April 2015.  If you join after 17 April payment in full is due upon confirmation of your place.

Deposit to be paid by Paypal. Balance to be paid by bank transfer.



This is an intense shamanic initiation. You must be in good health mentally and physically to apply. The sacred brew of the Amazonian shamans is not suitable for everyone and all participants will be required to complete a health questionnaire disclosing all medical conditions and medications.   You are accepted based upon your affirmation of excellent health and it is your own responsibility to take health precautions, medical advice and vaccinations. You will be required to sign a disclaimer and liability release form as the exclusive agent responsible for following precautions and you accept liability for any adverse effect that may result during taking Ayahuasca medicine during this programme.

A full list of contraindications will be sent to you upon application. 

Please do not apply if you have any heart conditions, any mental disorders including depression, if you are pregnant, if you are addicted to nicotine or any other drug … no smoking of cigarettes or any other substance will not be allowed (including e-cigarettes).

Many prescription drugs, recreational drugs and even some herbal formulas are not safe to take with Ayahuasca so be sure to check the list carefully. You must take personal responsibility.



STEP 1: Request an application form –  Email:

STEP 2: You will receive application form and further information.  Complete and return application within 24 hours to

STEP 3: We’ll set up a time for a Skype call and get to know each other. If we resonate with each other and agree that this retreat is a good fit, you will be sent a payment link.

STEP 4: Once your payment has been received, you will receive a welcome pack with the following information:

  • How to get there
  • Exchanging Money
  • What to pack
  • Health & Dietary Preparation
  • Access to the Detox With Debra Facebook Group with supporting information
  • Useful information on booking flights (do not book until advised to do so)



Watch this video with Debra Sofia Magdalene and Steve Jack talking about Ayahuasca Plant Medicine

If this magical experience of a lifetime resonates with you, contact Debra Sofia Magdalene right away for an application form and pricing details.


Mother Ayahuasca either calls you or not … this journey isn’t for everyone. If you feel the call, take action right away.



What others say about Debra Sofia Magdalene


“Debra is an inspirational lady, she is an adventurer, with a wild and beautiful spirit. She has a refreshing, open and honest way of working and immediately draws you in with her passion of the subject matter. I felt relaxed and excited about what she was sharing with us all. Debra is incredibly knowledgable, courageous and compassionate. She is a spiritual warrior; it is my understanding that Debra is here to help bridge the gap between the ancient traditional world of wisdom and the western civilisation. She is helping to open the hearts and minds of those that are receptive to a new way of living.”  (Amelia Amy Ann Campbell (Awakening Love), Stoke-on-Trent)


“Debra is a true spiritual warrior. Her deep insights into the mysteries of the universe as revealed through her work with shamanic sacred plant medicines are profoundly important for safeguarding of our planet and to the development of our species.  Those who are lucky enough to hear of her amazing direct experiences cannot help to feel more energised, inspired and alive. Thank you Debra for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experiences with us. It was an inspiring and truly enlightening day.” (Wes Floyd, Wrexham)


“Debra is a beautiful spirit, full of love and compassion, with a passion to help you recognise your potential. She helps you fulfil your desires and dreams by encouraging, guiding, helping and supporting you in whatever way she can. She is wise, caring and has a great wealth of knowledge and experiences. Her purpose is to help raise the vibration of the planet by helping you raise yours . I recommend spending time with Debra in any capacity – especially on a spiritual retreat.”  (Karen Shaw, Manchester)


“I met Debra in May of 2008 in London. I did not know one person in the country and when I met Debra I knew instantly this was going to be a special trip in the best of ways. I’d had an invitation to stay at someone’s home for several weeks and at the last minute, my hosts cancelled on me. I mentioned this to Debra and she immediately set about to help me. She introduced to to several people and then she invited me to come to her lovely home in the North West of England. This turned into the most wonderful trip for me – better than I thought would happen, and for three days, she took me on a guided tour of beauty spots in Lancashire. I was welcomed into her home by all her family and I will never forget her kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness. Debra radiates warmth, openness, acceptance, confidence and a deep desire to be of service.”  (Suze Pahl, Napa Valley, CA)