Your Call To Greatness, Darren Eden

Mastery Path October 10, 2011 0

A 3 Day Workshop to Bring Your Greatness to Life
9th – 11th December 2011, Kingston-Upon-Thames, London
Cost: £50.00 ( Value £350.00 )

During Your Call To Greatness you will learn how to directly and powerfully access your intuition and imagination at will so that you can bring your Greatness to life.

Greatness is living your purpose with vibrant health, luxurious wealth, loving relationships, pioneering leadership and real freedom.

In a world filled with uncertainty economically, socially, environmentally and institutionally, Intuition is essential to live your Greatness.  With so much information and constant noise in the world without intuition, it’s impossible to know what to do for the future.

The magic of living intuitively is that you don’t need to rely on any external sources to live your Greatness, you simply need to learn how to purposefully tap into your intuition to guide you, just like a compass guiding the captain of a ship. When all else fails, your intuition will never let you down.

At Your Call To Greatness you will learn a 5 step process that you will connect you with your intuition more powerfully then you have ever done before.

Date & Location

Fri 9th – Sun 11th December 2011
(Commences at 9.00 am Friday morning)
Warren House Conference & Traning Centre
Warren Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames
Surrey KT2 7HY

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