The Intricate Weaving of our Heart and Soul – Mary Curtis | May 13, 2015

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The Intricate Weaving of our Heart and Soul – Mary Curtis | May 13, 2015

Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Intricate Weaving of our Heart and Soul – Mary Curtis

at the Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 3BL

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Mary Curtis

In this talk, Mary Curtis will explain how intricately we are woven, how we affect each other and can use wisdom to enhance our lives.

In her usual easy manner, with laughter and simplicity, she will explain how to see the aura, show you ways in which you can become more aware of how to expand your heart and soul, enhance your life and lift your vibration.

A meditation to de-clutter will be included and many practical skills to add to your toolbox; bringing more self-awareness and expansion to your being.

Mary has inspired many others over the past 14 years and hopes to inspire you too to live life to the full and embrace your heart and soul path.

About Mary Curtis

Mary Curtis is a natural gifted psychic and healer. Being ill with CFS/ME over a decade ago was her turning point in changing her life completely, leading her into holistic medicine and a much more healthy life … in every aspect.

Her well acclaimed book ‘The Goldfish that Jumped’ explains how she kept thumping into the goldfish bowl going around and around once too often. She finally understood the messages from The Universe, showing her the way, allowing her to jump into a totally different way of life and she began to LIVE at last rather than merely exist.

Mary has worked internationally in France, Switzerland and with Steve Jack/Christof in London and Ibiza. She has been featured on local radio, in local & national press, and has a well-established reputation. Mary runs clinics in Manchester, Preston, Accrington, Burnley and London. She is running retreats in Corfu later in the year.

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