Susan Ainscough, Tools for Transformation (TFT)

Mastery Path January 26, 2011 0

In the exciting and challenging time we are living in it is essential for individuals to have the ability to be still and centered to deal with the planetary shifts that are coming in.

The essence of this workshop is very practical and experiential to give easy solutions to maintain emotional equilibrium and in so doing help release toxins and negative patterns that no longer serve the higher self.

Come along, willing to experience and practise a selection of self regulating techniques which have the ability to create a sense of freedom and connection:

• Powerful breathwork
• Intense visualisation to get deep into the core of the DNA structure
• Do-in {an ancient Japanese strategy which works on tapping the body to release tensions and stress}
• Learn a simple flowing movement sequence to tap into the higher self and the laws of attraction which can be practised daily
• Meditation made simple for renewal and regeneration
• Programming the mind to grow younger
• A sprinkling of fairy dust and an invitation to have a relaxing shoulder massage to complete

You will have the opportunity to leave feeling lighter, relaxed and empowered to activate your own magical self!

Susan Ainscough Cert Ed, BWY, LFST, NLP practitioner: Susan has been working in the field of personal development and yoga for over 35 yrs. Her curiosity and search for inner peace and harmony have resulted in her travelling extensively across the world to work and train with many different teachers each of which are leading lights in their own sphere. Susan is well known for her simple and light approach in inspiring and helping others to find their own still centre within. Her approach is a unique blending together of the knowledge she has gained and practised from many ancient healing systems. It is her joy and passion to teach and pass on these simple tools and techniques which have the ability to enhance an individual’s life experience and  inner knowledge on all levels. Her classes and workshops are fun, simple and light hearted. We are at a momentous point in humanity’s journey where each of
us has our own unique part to play.  It’s time for us all to truly wake up and follow
our bliss!

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