Steve Jack, Limitless Event Review

Mastery Path August 1, 2013 0
Steve Jack, Limitless Event Review

STEVE JACK’s two events for the Manchester Yes Group and Mastery Path were both amazing and insightful and we’ve had excellent feedback from those of you who attended both events.  Steve’s professionalism shone through and he is clearly a speaker who has so much value to offer in terms of his knowledge, skills and abilities and his willingness to share these with us.

At the first event, Steve explained how our schooling system conditions us to live in the mind (fear based programmes) and we were designed to live in the heart (love based programmes) and love dissolves fear.

Mind / Body / Energy: Many people on focus on one aspect but if you do not work on all three simultaneously, you are missing vital components.   Only 5-15% of people get result from gyms and obesity trends among adults in the US have risen from 10% in 1985 to 50% today.  In 7 years of training, doctors only receive two classes in nutrition and just prescribe to alleviate symptoms caused by food and toxicity. One in 2 people now die of cancer and many health issues are as a result of two interconnected problems:  1) nutritional deficiency and 2) toxic overload.  Plants support light coherency and we need to make sure that our bodies are alkaline.

In additional to nutrition, Steve shared with us about the three brains (reptilian complex; limbic system and neocortex) and how your mind is a field. He shared how we can ride the waves by creating a field of vibration of what you want to achieve as if you have it now so that photons of light can create templates on the astral plane.  Synchronicity will come faster and more frequently.  Outcome goals, as in NLP, are very limiting and when we set an intention instead of a specific goal of how to get there, we can be completely open to how it materializes.  By following the synchronicities, we can become co-creators.  It’s important not to get caught up in emotional reactions to situations as fear and anxiety lowers the vibrational frequency of what you want to have.  Practice turning off the noise and mastering no thoughts – known as Hara.

Steve gave us tools to help us: 

• A centering exercise and advised us to practice this 3 times a day for 3 mins to keep our field clear.
• How you can protect yourself by maintaining a state of love.
• A technique to stop looping thoughts.
• A way to change our beliefs and re-programme our subconscious mind using Psych-K.

At Mastery Path, Steve started with a quick review of the previous night’s talk to bring everyone up to a level where he could focus his talk on the power of Energy.
He spoke about the source field that holds everything together.  Planet earth is in the sun’s field, our solar system rotates around the galactic centre and the central sun which takes 26,000 years to rotate around. We are now in a photon band moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.  Our planetary field is held together by sacred sites around the world connected by ley lines.  The veils are very thin at sacred sites and as the energy is very high, we go through activations. We need to repair all the fractures in our cells, learn to control our emotional reactions to original wounds and do deep inner work to raise our vibration.  Sacred sites include the pyramids, Machu Picchu and Mount Shasta.

Steve shared his personal experiences of using plant medicines and how this has impacted his own self development, saving years off his own spiritual work. There was a lot of interest in him facilitating a sacred plant medicine weekend event in Manchester.  If this is something that you would like more information about, please contact   These ceremonies can fast-track your own personal and spiritual development – payment plan can be arranged upon request.

We have now sent out DVDs of Steve Jacks events to all those who ordered in advance and on the night.  If you couldn’t make it and wish to purchase one or both of the DVDs, we are offering free p&p when both DVDs are ordered together: £30.00 for both, or £15.00 + £2.00 p&p for one (or you can pick up your order at next event and save the p&p).  Email to order your copy now.

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