How to Raise Your Vibration – Debra Sofia Magdalene | 12 Nov

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Debra Sofia Magdalene – How to Raise Your Vibration

Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm (Registration from 6.30 pm)
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL


Debra Magdalene in Peru

Want to feel inner peace?

Want to manifest quicker?

Want to become healthier, happier and full of gratitude?

Want to feel a deeper sense of connection to all around you?

Want to have easier communication with your spirit guides?

Want to live free of fear, doubt and worry?

In this presentation, Debra will share steps you can take to raise your own vibration.  As you do so, you will feel more peace, harmony, joy, balance, a deeper connection to nature … and much more.

During the evening, you will experience an effective, simple process which will help you to clear your energy field and give you a ‘spring clean’.  Raising your vibration helps you to create a magical life in the flow of synchronicities from the Universe – you experience so much fun, love and compassion.  You are a spiritual adventurer navigating the game of life in awe and wonder as you experience the ups and downs that enable you to grow and learn life’s lessons.

Be sure to bring a notebook and pen to capture the golden nuggets!

Debra Sofia Magdalene has been on the personal and spiritual growth path for over 20 years and during this time, has gained insights and knowledge from world leaders and experts in their field.  Debra has used herself as a guinea pig to try out different tools, techniques and practices learned from many teachers and indiginous people whilst attending courses, retreats and world travel.

Debra is founder of Mastery Path Events, one of the ways she fulfils her mission of raising consciousness on the planet.  She is also Director of Hugs at Global Hugs Ltd, her coaching and training business.  Her newest venture is Magdalene Spiritual Journeys where she will lead retreats and tours to sacred sites around the world to help people raise their vibration.

Book your place via eventbrite and pay at the door.

£10.00 Members * (Annual Membership just £25)

£15.00 Non-Members

Under 18s FOC when accompanied by parent or guardian

MEMBERS: You may bring a first time guest to each event.  Please register yourself and your guest via eventbrite at least 24 hours in advance.


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