Paul Ryder, Facing Fear for Happiness and Spiritual Growth

Mastery Path March 23, 2011 0

Everybody wants the beautiful things in life, happiness, health, wealth, abundance, friends, love and joy and they literally are all there for the taking, they truly are!  The things we want in life are always on our minds and consume our vision boards and to do list, but so many times in life people live far below what they could have and no matter how hard they try, there is sometimes something blocking the flow, whether that be to spiritual growth, setting up a new business, forming a beautiful relationship or loving the self.

Over the last 20 years of research there has been a fact that has been blindingly obvious for the reason for this blockage.  Even though it’s right there in front of us, just like the magic eye picture it’s almost impossible to see unless you know what to look for.  In many cases the harder you look, the more elusive it becomes and then it is back to the to-do lists!

It is facing the fear that is the challenge to all of the losses, but it’s not a simple cases of saying “I’ll do it” because conscious motivation only lasts a short time. Fear is a psychological trait in every human being as a survival instinct and unless we know how to work this on an emotional level (rather than conscious) we will literally be in its power and live life half full. In this talk we cover scientific methods that have proven track records for literally hundreds of people.

The key to having the beautiful things in life and allowing your true self and spiritual flow to connect to you is right in front of you, but how much do you want it?  Join us for this talk and discover how Paul has taken himself from living in total fear from bullying, poverty and paranoia (leaving school weighing 7 stone) to now feeling spiritually connected happy and abundant with the ability to take challenges confidently.

Paul Ryder is an emotional intelligence coach from Manchester and has been studying the field of psychology for the last 20 years (since he left school). During this time Paul has spent the last 12 year as a personal trainer and the last 9 years as an emotional intelligence coach after creating his company ‘Future Mind Training’.  Paul originally started his path due to bullying and working through his own depression and has now transformed his ‘darker days’ to a lifestyle which allows him to live the way he wants instead of how others dictate – “life is meant to be where we can truly express ourselves”.

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