Parveen Smith 
Raising Your Vibration…

Mastery Path June 22, 2011 0

with Ascended Masters.

Prepare to connect with Ascended Masters and gain a deeper understanding of how and why they are supporting you in your life.  Get ready for an enchanted evening where you will learn how to connect to Ascended Masters, some which you may have already recognised and some who you will become more in tune with as the connection grows stronger over the course of the evening.
Parveen is an International Teacher and author of ‘Angelic Reiki’. Her life was completely transformed after a serious illness when the Angels and Ascended Masters came into her life. Parveen has been working with Angels for over 5 years since her awakening, bringing the awareness of her gifts and talents of healing and being to many.
”The Angels take me to where I need to be at the right time. The Ascended Masters support me to bring healing and self mastery for many who require it. Transformations are here for many when connecting to The Masters.  I am very fortunate to be where I am in life right now, as I can truly say I thought I was never going to see another day.”

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