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I prioritized writing this newsletter as I just knew that Paul and I would have the perfect trip to Mexico and Guatemala knowing that we’d shared some of the gems from our last Mastery Path event of 2012.

Many thanks to those who attended ( all 40+ of you ) and lovely to see lots of new faces and people from other networks. The money raised from our prize draw has been donated to B1G1, our chosen charity partner. Full details of how the money has been distributed is below.

Enjoy! 🙂

Eric Edmeades Perfect Days
Key Strategies for having the most fun and greatest productivity.

Eric Edmeades, at Mastery Path ManchesterWow! To say Eric entertained us is an understatement. His talk was not only funny but really got our minds thinking. Rather than focus on what makes a perfect day Eric started off by getting us to identify with the things we do to ruin our day.  Things like going to bed too late, sleeping in, watching too much TV, procrastinating, creating distractions, road rage, worrying, trying to please, failing to prioritise ( or plan ) and eating rubbish, amongst others. He showed us some useful strategies to self-interrupt these patterns. One of these in particular was to combat road rage, Eric shared his own experience of when he used to do a lot of road miles and found himself getting into road rages. However with help from a mentor he found a creative way to dissolve the situation by holding up a red or yellow card to the driver of the other vehicle who cut him up on the road – the result was both drivers laughing and being more apologetic. How by changing the state at one point can impact the rest of your day. So true!

Eric went on to share even more great strategies such as: for your waking up routine (specially for those who are prone to hitting the snooze button !!), to tips on how to break the trance state when watching TV. Putting into perspective just how much more we could do in a year if we watched just an hour less TV every day. He explained the importance of meditation, visualization, setting the intention, controlling your focus and how when we adopt these strategies, replace them for the negatives we really can transform the outcome and re-create the perfect day. He shared another gem about making false promises.

Want to know about promises? Watch this 4 minute clip on the Mastery Path youtube channel.

In second half we were treated to a bonus talk by Eric called Two Fires. 
Eric shared research and the observations he made during his time spent living with African bushmen. How the men would go at night to hunt together while women tended to the children and maintained the campsite. How men liked to talk when the sun goes down. While the women like to keep busy and chatty during the day to keep predators away.

Eric explained how this DNA is part of our make-up and why men and women are programmed differently. Rather than trying to change each other we need to become more understanding of our partners characteristics in order to create more harmonious relationships.

Eric suggested we watch this film The Gods Must be Crazy.  I managed to find this short clip on youtube – which is very poignant to what has happened in our society today and gives an insight into how negative emotions are formed. There are longer clips on there but the above link is under 5 mins.

The night before Mastery Path I also attended Eric’s talk at the Manchester Yes Group and took 9 pages of notes about nutrition and health and learnt so much.  You can download his book The Human Diet Dairy Delusion free of charge.

Did you miss the event?
Or know someone who’d enjoy Eric’s insight and wisdom?

Order the full length DVD of Eric’s talk before 30 November 2012
and the price is £10.00 + £2.00 p&p.  

After the 30 November the price will revert to £15.00 + £2.00 p&p. 

Please send cheques, made payable to ‘Mastery Path’ to: 
Debra Sofia Magdalene, 103 Ormerod Road, Burnley, BB11 3QW.

B1G1 / Our commitment to giving back
At Mastery Path we believe our DVDs will help you on your personal spiritual journey and see yourself and life more clearly.  Through Buy 1 Give 1, for every DVD you order from us, someone in Indonesia will receive a pair of glasses to help them see more clearly.

Wednesday 9 January 2013
Mark Abadi – The Art of Fighting without Fighting: How to surrender your way to victory
6.30pm – 9.30pm, Creative Living Centre, Prestwich

Most of us feel we have to continually battle and fight to achieve our goals, to find our own perfection and happiness. Little do most of us realise that the answer is right before our eyes. In fact it is actually BEFORE we start looking for it. Like trying to find the contact lens that is already in your eyes. The answer is simpler than you first thought. Somewhere you have to let go of the search, give in, surrender and allow the realisation to occur by itself.
Mark will guide an interactive discussion into our true natures and how the simplicity can free us from the battle of life. How simple acceptance results in an undeniable realisation of completeness. It is not about providing all the answers but realising that there are no questions that need answering.

Mark has just published his first book on holistic conscious living and self acceptance.

Bookings for this event will be available late December and we’ll issue full details and the link in our next newsletter – so hold the date in your diary, so you prioritise it!

Do you really want to clutter up your space with more consumer goods?
What do you buy the person who has everything?
Why not look at contribution as an alternative present to give or receive this year?

There are many worthy causes that you can support through effective giving (where 100% of what you donate goes directly to make an impact).  Mastery Path is a business partner with Buy 1 Give 1 ( and every time you buy something from us, whether it’s a ticket for one of our events, membership, a DVD etc, we donate to charities.  So by supporting our events, you are helping to provide clean drinking water, education, shelter, clothing, sight, and planting trees to help the environment.  Individuals can donate via this site too so have a look and let us know what projects you like.

The Manchester Yes Group are organising a Basket Brigade in December and you can actively participate in fundraising and delivering baskets of food to families who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas dinner, or donate some money to help buy the food.  If you don’t know what the Basket Brigade is, have a look here.
Contact Jayes Vora for more information: E:


Friday 30 November – Self-Healing & The Immune System at The Friday Forum
Unity Centre, Padiham Unitarian Church.  7.30 pm.  £4 – pay on the door. A practical evening where John Webb will take you through a series of visualisations designed to trigger and support your immune system.  Enquiries:  John Webb 01254 822968

Sunday 2 December, 12 – 4 pm Holistic Manchester Spiritual Gathering, Hale, Cheshire.
The group, run by Mark Abadi (our speaker in January) is about promoting and connecting together those working in or interested in the field of Holistic Medicine, which includes Nutrition, Psychological Therapy, NLP, Energy Psychology, Energy Healing, Complementary Medicine, Meditation, Yoga, Electro Magnetic Therapy & Raw foods etc.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012 11.00 am – 2.30 pm.  Foods to Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul – Dine & Learn Experience with Julie Silver. £55.00 (inc lunch and recipes). Small intimate group of 4 people maximum. Foods will be gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, yeast-free; suitable for coeliacs, diabetics, lactose intolerant and those wanting to feel more alive, whether or not you have the time to cook.    Tel: 0161 798 5063 or E:

8 December 2012  11.00 am – 5.00 pm, Level 1 Crystal Ki Healing with Janine Regan-Sinclair in Parbold.
£125.00.  Email Suryah Magda Ray to book now:

Friday 21.12.12 The Monastery
Where will you be on the most important date for humanity since time began?  Check out the events in the afternoon and evening with Denise Hagan at The Monastery and book your place.

Wednesday 9 January 2013 – Mastery Path with Mark Abadi
The art of fighting without fighting : How to surrender your way to victory, Creative Living Centre, 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Saturday 12 January, 11 am – 5 pm  Level 2 Crystal Ki Healing with Janine Regan-Sinclair at the Creative Living Centre, Prestwich.
(Level 1 course is available – contact Debra if you’re interested.)  £125.00 per person.  Email: to book your place.

Finally, have a think about where you are going to be on 21.12.12.   If you don’t have anything planned, consider attending the event at The Monastery and if this is outside your price bracket, why not get together with other like-minded people to create your own ceremony, do some meditation and send loving healing energy to Mother Earth and all our brothers and sisters who could do with some help making the transition into the new way of being.  There is no excuse for not connecting with like-minded people – there are many local groups on Facebook, etc.  Put the intention out there and make it happen.

I will be updating Facebook with my travels so subscribe to my updates on my profile page if you want to see what Paul and I are up to.

Treat yourself or a friend in need this Christmas.
Join our community, meet and network with a great peer group who can support you in your personal and spiritual growth.  For just £25.00 a year members get to invite a first time guest FOC* to our monthly events (*conditions apply – must be pre-booked 24 hrs in advance).  Check out our website for a full list of benefits.

Love and blessings
Debra Sofia Magdalene (((x))) 

PS  Thank you for all your support at last night’s event, especially the crew: Paul, Debbie, Karen and Cathy.

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