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We are experiencing a very special time with the energies at the moment.  I came across this article and wanted to share it with you.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 
Sunday, 20 May with Planetary Grid Transmissions
We are preparing for the most incredible New Moon Solar Eclipse alignment which positions the Earth/Moon/Sun directly in alignment with our Milky Way galactic core and the central star Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system.

Within the path of this total Solar Eclipse, it is expected that Earth dimension will commence an entire reboot of its operating system which includes our own bodily system.  This is heralded to also be a solar system, galactic and universal shift and recalibration.

This New Moon eclipse is setting into greater momentum a new expression of a unified male-female power that is fully aligned with the Divine Will and Love-Wisdom aspect of Mother Father God. With this comes healing and transformation at both a personal and global level including grand scale release of abusive control patterns, sexual dysfunctions, karmic patterning and negative imprints left from the mis-aligned expression of both male and female domination.

Our speaker next month, Ryan Greenwood, is running a workshop this Sunday on Pendle Hill to use this energy to imprint the blueprints of the Aquarian Age.  (Details below).

A quick reminder too that Alison Levesley, our speaker from last month, is running a Back to Origin workshop this Saturday – I’ll be there and hope you can join us.  (Details below).

John DonaldsonPractical Magic with John Donaldson

One of our longest standing members, John Donaldson, shared with us his wisdom gained over many years of searching for the Truth and quoted Buddha who said “If it isn’t true for you, it isn’t true”.  Every one of us has to find our own way and there are many pathways.  John has studied many religions and spiritual teachings and asked us 11 questions which represented the teachings that all seem to agree on.  Examples include: reincarnation, omnipresence, and we are immortal beings with a purpose beyond ourselves.  After each question, John went on to explain his understanding and we were given the opportunity to put forward our own points of view.  We ended the evening with a tune-in where we were guided to identify three things to make our heart sing in the next few weeks, the next 6 months, and something we want to create in the next 2 years that we can have for the rest of our lives.

We’ve posted a clip of John’s talk on the Mastery Path youtube channel.

John is doing a charity bike ride from London to Paris in November to raise money for the homeless charity Emmaus.  He’s looking for 160 people who are willing to sponsor him for £10 each.  There were some generous people on the night who helped John get off to a good start … are you willing to support this worthwhile cause?   Contact John Donaldson


Wednesday 13 June 2012
Pleiadian Healing with Ryan Greenwood

The Pleiades (Seven Sisters) is one of our ancestral home constellations where many of us originally came from in order for us to have the Earth Experience.  A place that exists in the higher dimensions of light with amazing light technologies and healing abilities that we are ready to work with once more.  So Many of you will feel a deep connection to this star system and also be aware of their presence as they work with you on your ascension path. During this interactive healing talk we will bring in and work with the incredibly loving Pleiadian’s.  We will look at an aspect of our self that already exists in the Pleiades and work to re-connect with that aspect of ourselves. You may even leave with your own Pleiadian Healing guide!

Ryan Greenwood is a Soul Alchemist and Transition Guide whose life is dedicated to the healing of self and others during these changing energetic times.  As we enter the age of Aquarius the Earth is ascending into a new energy which we are all feeling.  It will be a time of great change and is to be welcomed with open arms and an open heart.  Healings are happening at a much faster rate, we just need to become aware of ourselves and our surroundings to start that healing process.  What healing does your soul truly require to increase your vibration and your beacon of light?
Ryan works with the higher vibrations of light and love to give you the highest healing possible for your own soul’s journey.  Miracles can happen if you can just release the old.   www

Book online now using our new registration through Eventbrite and then pay the entry fee on the door.
£10.00 members
£15.00 non-members

Annual membership £25.00

I came across this inspirational video which was moving and inspiring and I wanted to share it with you.  Just goes to show that it’s never too late to make a change to your situation.

Several of our Mastery Path community attended the Cancer is Curable Now event in Stockport on Sunday – wow, what an eye opener it was.  I recommend reading this blog and doing your own research.  You can also contact our very own Food Fairy, Julie Silver for support with your diet (see workshops below).


Friday 18 May Energise Your Life Workshop with Julie Silver the Food Fairy.
In aid of The Food Revolution Day  7.00pm – 9.00pm  Prestwich (5 mins from M60 J17)  Cost: £25.00
(a percentage going to The Food Revolution)
Workshop to include healthy snacks/refreshments + a visual demonstration of how to make healthy sushi (vegan with brown rice) and tastings.
Learn easy & effortless recommendations to help you revitalise your life naturally.  Nutrition, natural health & wellbeing tips to help you energise, relax & allow you to glow with health. Personal health assessment included. Whether you have a health issue or would just like more vitality … are you ready to sparkle?

Bookings: or contact Julie by e-mail

19 May (Knutsford) and 30 June (Congleton).  10.30 am  to 4 pm.
Back to Origin with Alison Levesley (Interfaith Minister)
The day will offer:-
A day of being safely held, yet gently challenged.
Teaching of clearing and protection of your auric field.
A deep inner awareness of your barriers and where they have come from.
Meditations for relaxation and inner guidance.
A clearing process to shift the barrier/s in place.
Time for reflection and group sharing to offer greater understanding of your healing.

Investment: £55.00 per person.  Book now by contacting Alison on 07798 665500 or email
(If you know you need to be present yet are facing financial difficulties, contact Alison to come to an arrangement.)

Sunday 20 May – Pendle Hill Eclipse Workshop 1.00 – 5.00 pm with Ryan Greenwood.
Working with the energies of the Solar Eclipse and the alignment with our Pleiadian brothers and sisters, we we will be working to imprint the new blueprints of the Aquarian Age. Details and bookings.

Friday 25 May 2012, 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm  Friday Forum,
The Unity Centre, (behind Nazareth Unitarian Chapel), Knight Hill, Church St, Padiham, BB12 8JH. £3 pay on the door. The Mayan Propecy of 2012 and its Astrological Correlation presented by Duncan Harper.

31 May 2012 X-Factor Quantum Business School World Tour with Mike Handcock, Dave Rogers, Dawn Gibbins & Michelle Clarke
The Pines, Chorley.  (Also in London on 29 May).
Use Discount Code XFACTOR038 to get 2/3rds off ticket price and for bonus downloads.
You will learn up to date, 2012 relevant information that will affect the way you think about your business and life.
Quantum Networking – building a playground
Social Media and making money on the internet
Pitching your business and gaining attraction in 60 seconds
Dealmaking and negotiation 2012 style
The scale of success – the flow of business and seasons
The ‘X’ factor – what is it and how do you engage it
How people buy – 2012 decision making and the forces behind it
BOOK NOW Enter Discount Code: XFACTOR038

Saturday 2 June – “You Too Can Heal” one day workshop training for Hands-on Healing, Distance Healing, Self-Healing and World Healing.
£50 per person (£30 concessions).   Mollie Eilean Entwisle is an experienced workshop leader, holistic healer, writer and broadcaster. You will receive the theoretical and practical equivalent of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 at a fraction of the cost. Students should read either Dr. George King’s ‘You Too Can Heal’ or  Richard Lawrence’s ‘Magic of Healing’ before the day. Books available from the Aetherius Society, 0207 736 4187, or 01226 744 659.  Workshop Bookings via Mollie: 0161 763 4954; E:

3-9 June – ONE WORLD FESTIVAL, Penningham House, Galloway, Scotland
Packed with fantastic workshops: nutrition, health, massage, dance, drama, singing, healthy cooking etc. Organic, macrobiotic quality wholefoods suitable for vegans, vegetarians and wider tastes. Camp or stay in private bedrooms. Magical atmosphere, great fun, beautiful countryside. For individuals and families, children welcome.   01273 279439.  Details of this and other festivals on website: 50% DISCOUNT FOR MASTERY PATH MEMBERS!

17-24 June 2012 World Laughter Festival in Manchester
Celebrating laughter and playfulness … Community Festival and Laugh Championships, laughter yoga and much more … be part of a world record!
All details here: E:

Sunday 24th June – The Food Fairy’s Revitalise Your Life workshop by Julie Silver
2.00 pm- 4.00 pm at Pure Hair Design and Beauty, 1st Floor, 137 The Rock, Bury BL9 0ND Tel: 0161 763 6229  Only £15.00
To include healthy snacks/refreshments + healthy chocolate to release your endorphins in a natural way. Revitalise your life in a natural way.  Learn what is right for you now.  Nutrition, natural health & wellbeing tips to help you energise, relax & allow you to glow with health. Personal health assessment included. Whether you have a health issue or would just like more vitality. Get ready to sparkle. BOOK NOW by calling Julie on 0161 798 5063 or e-mail

Mastery Path Members … Would you like to contribute to writing a blog for our website or book review for our newsletter?
If so, please contact

Please book in advance so we know how many are attending and pay on the door at registration.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and hugs
Debra Sofia Magdalene (((x)))

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