Mastery Path News & Events – July / Aug

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Mastery Path News & Events – July / Aug

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Do whatever it takes to be at our event this coming Wednesday 17th July with Steve Jack, and also at the Manchester Yes Group’s event the night before 16th. Don’t take my word for it – here’s what Harry Singha (CEO of the Youth Coaching Academy) posted on Facebook:

Review ~ July Mastery Path Event
Mollie Eilean Entwisle and Jack Johnson
– From Inner Peace to World Peace: The Twelve Blessings

Mollie and Jack from the Aetherius Society in Bury spoke to us about The Twelve Blessings which Western Master of Yoga Dr George King received from Master Jesus as an extension to the Sermon on the Mount in 1958.

We were taught how to pray in a way that energy is sent out to where it’s required.  Instead of hands together in front of our hearts, we face our hands outwards at chest level and use our voice, energy and intention to direct the energy from our heart space to where it needs to go.  Mollie explained that the world is crying out for this spiritual energy, and Jack said that we need to help the Devic Kingdom by sending them positive energy. Whenever you think a good thought, it gives them good energy to feed off so we can all make a difference.

As well as a great teaching, The Twelve Blessings also contain a series of prayers which form a wonderful spiritual practice and are a way to send out tremendous love and light to the world.

The Twelve Blessings

  • First Blessing: Blessed Are They Who Work For Peace
  • Second Blessing: Blessed Are The Wise Ones
  • Third Blessing: Blessed Are They Who Love
  • Fourth Blessing: Blessed Are The Planetary Ones
  • Fifth Blessing: Blessed Are The Thanksgivers
  • Sixth Blessing: Blessed Are They Who Heal
  • Seventh Blessing: Blessed Is The Mother Earth
  • Eighth Blessing: Blessed Is The Mighty Sun
  • Ninth Blessing: Blessed Are The Supreme Lords Of Karma
  • Tenth Blessing: Blessed Is The Galaxy
  • Eleventh Blessing: Blessed Are The Supreme Lords Of Creation
  • Twelfth Blessing: Blessed Is The Absolute

The Aetherius Society is holding its annual pilgrimage to Kinderscout in The Peak District on Saturday 24 August and you are welcome to join them.  Details of this and other pilgrimages on the website:

Mollie is Organiser of the Aetherius Society in Manchester and hosts regular services and workshops at 43 Bronte Avenue, Bury.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  She also runs workshops on numerology and other topics. Tel 0161 763 4954 for further information.


Steve Jack Limitless Leadership

Limitless Leadership: The 9 Keys to Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence and Leading in the New Earth – Steve Jack
Wednesday, 17 July 2013, 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm (Registration from 6.30 pm) Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL
( Tuesday 16th July with the Yes Group – see below for details )

In this talk Steve will explain the grand cycles of time and how we have entered a new age of health, healing, peace, love and prosperity and how the divine presence is helping to shape and build The New Earth.  Within this great expansion of consciousness being birthed on the earth at this time, many are being awakened and called upon to help birth the New Earth paradigm and step into their personal and organizational Leadership potential.  What is needed more than ever is leaders to step up into their divine potential and share their seedling dreams to help transform the planet.

In this experiential workshop Steve will unpack the nine keys that will unlock your energetic intelligence so that you may understand how to harness the higher and faster energy frequency that is streaming down to earth at this time, and lead, create and perform with effortless intention.  These nine keys will help unlock and expand your consciousness so that you may understand the steps of manifesting and birthing projects that help support humanity’s transition into harmony and abundance.

Understanding these nine keys will help raise your vibrational frequency which is the starting point for accelerating your personal evolution so that you may be a part of the divine plan in it’s evolution of the human race.  These nine keys will help expand your consciousness; raise your vibration; allow you to understand how your personal journey and story is completely relevant to the unfolding of the divine plan; what you can do to step into this and seize your destiny, and lead in the creation of the New Earth.

Steve Jack is a thought leader, speaker and transformational facilitator in Mind – Body – Energy as it relates to high performance and living a life without limits.  With background degrees in Psychology, Physical Education and a four year Diploma in Energy Healing Science from the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, he has over 18 years of experience facilitating groups both as an international presenter and mind-body-energy high performance coach.

Steve has been inducted into the best selling author academy hall of fame, Author of numerous DVD’s, award winning publications, and part of the speaker team for the Youth Leadership Summit in Europe, he is as an accomplished international speaker, presenter of workshops, and a master of ceremonies.  He works extensively in the professionals industry teaching Trainers and Health Coaches how to achieve breakthrough results in health, well being, weight loss and high performance.
He is a regular on the Professionals Speaking Conference circuit having presented in over 20 countries around the world. His thought provoking sessions change the way people think about health, strategy and performance and he initiates a new paradigm on how they can live to their highest life’s potential.  He writes and films regularly for a number of international print and online publications.


Pay just £5.00 on the door if you bring a first time guest.

Attend Manchester Yes Group on 16 July and Mastery Path on 17 July and pay just £10.00 for each event (payable on the door).  Pre-booking essential to qualify for this offer.

Normal price of £15.00 for Non-Members if you attend Mastery Path only.


If you are unable to attend, you can order the DVD of the event for just £10.00* + £2.00 p&p, ( *when ordered before or at the event). Price for DVD reverts to £15.00 + p&p when ordered after event.


Mastery Path Dates for your Diary

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 – Manchester Yes Group – Steve Jack – Limitless: A Life Without Limits (Part 1) ~ BOOK NOW

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 – Steve Jack – Limitless Leadership (Part 2) – BOOK NOW

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 – Janet Williams – The Language of Light: The Language of our Soul  ~ BOOK NOW

Sunday, 18 August 2013 – Nik Halik – Thrillionaire Revolution


14 July 2013, Synchronicity Gathering, 10.30 am – 5.00 pm at Creative Living Centre. This will be Synchronicity’s 6th gathering of likeminded souls…..coming together to create an infusion of social magic. This will include a “bring your own” (Veggie) food to share. Socialising, learning, connecting, networking, and some inspirational talks for the mind, body & soul. A mix of fun, food, learning & heart centered connection … to enhance the soul’s growth.

Thursday 25 July 2013, Love DanSing at Congleton 10.00 am – 2.00pm.  £25.00 including a goody bag A brand new concept to release negative old patterns and create powerful new positive pathways and habits in the brain with the use of sound and movement. This is delivered in a completely new and empowering way.  “We aim that you literally allow your soul to sing and your body to dance freely ” It’s a fun, nurturing, creative workshop that has the power to really change your life. What people say: “It’s empowering, connecting, relaxing and inspiring – Just do it !!!”  Contact Suryah Magda Ray to book or for more details. E:  T: 07582 547208

2-4 August 2013, Limitless: Mind Body Energy Mastery with Steve Jack.
Live a life without limits by mastering your mind, body and energy so you can co-create your own reality and step up to play a much bigger game. Learn tools to reprogramme your mind and step into your leadership potential.  On this workshop, you will be mixing high science with spirituality. Full details and bookings:

11 August 2013, Spheres of Light Work(fun)shop with Philip Wade. 9.45 am – 5.30 pm at Creative Living Centre.  8 places maximum.  Email:

14/15 September Deepsong Sound Energy Weekend Workshop – Discover Your Inner Rhythms with Kath Reade at The Yoga Centre, 38 Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD. £90.00 pp – Early Bird £80.00 Concessions. Suryah Magda Ray will be teaching The 5 Tibetan Rites during the workshop. Tel: 0845 269 8218

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Please book straight away to reserve your place.

Love and blessings
Debra Sofia Magdalene

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