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Julie Silver with her healthy foodThank you to all who came and helped us celebrate our 7th Birthday on 8 August.  We had a wonderful evening with lovely healthy food prepared by Julie Silver, and Debbie Evran’s husband Gurdal prepared a feast of Turkish food so tantalise our taste buds.  It was lovely to have a half hour break and from your comments, you loved it too.  We will therefore be starting at 7 pm promptly instead of 7.15 pm to incorporate more social time so you’ll have half an hour before the event, half an hour during the event, and half an hour after the event whilst we’re putting the room back.  Like Mastery Path News & Events - Aug / Sept Issue on Facebook


Mark W Foster
Understanding Hidden Energies

Author and Energy Coach, Mark W FosterHis fourth time speaking at Mastery Path, Mark explained how there are two paths: that of ignorance and victimhood and the alternative which is awakening and spiritual mastery … the latter is rarely found by the five senses alone.  We need another level of awareness – energetic/spiritual awareness – for true spiritual growth.  Energy and Matter are interchangeable and energy operates outside of time and space.  The key concept controlling the whole energetic system is RESONANCE.

Mark gave a good demonstration about cause and effect using his hand to cast a shadow on the screen.  The hand = cause.  The shadow = effect.  Most people want to change the effect by moving the shadow … clearly it doesn’t work like this.  It’s important to note that just because we don’t hear or see something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  For example, animals hear higher and lower frequencies than we do.  Thought is energy, and energy interacts with energy. Sound and words are like energy keys and used correctly, interact positively on hidden energetic levels and can produce physical effects.   Mark shared lots of information and gave references to books etc where we could read up more.  He also shared tools and techniques that we can use on a daily basis to remove distortion from our energy fields, and tips on earthing, recharging and energy field management.

Here’s a video clip of Mark’s talk on Mastery Path’s youtube channel. You can order the full event on DVD for £15.00+ p&p OR order before Friday 14 Sept and save £5.00 off the standard price ( Only £10.00 + p&p )

Jane Haffren was the lucky winner of the prize draw and won a copy of Mark’s Book and a free NES Energy Scan System consultation.

To book a consultation with Mark and find out what’s holding you back in life from being completely healthy, happy and successful, check out his website for details.  NES Consultations are £75 and Mastery Path members can get £25 discount (this saving pays for your annual membership!).   I’ve experienced this and found it useful and fascinating to explore and understand more about my hidden world!  Greater awareness means we can clear ourselves even more.

As you know
we had decided to have a break in September due personal commitments and to allow our members and attendees to attend some of the other special events going 
on in during that month. However, it seems the Universe had other plans! I attended a healing course with Janine Regan-Sinclair and it was so powerful that I invited her to speak for us at Mastery Path.  As she will be in Manchester w/c 17 Sept we’ve organized an event for the third Wednesday in Sept ( 19th ) so that you all have the opportunity to experience her work for yourselves.  Janine will be a platform speaker at the Probe Conference in Lytham on 6 October so it wil be great opportunity to see her speak before then.  She has a very special gift to share with the world.  As we approach 21.12.12, it’s important that we have all the tools under our belt to help us on the ascension process, so please add it to your diaries!

Janine Regan-Sinclair – Crystal Ki Healing
Wed 19 September 2012 – 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Janine Regan-SinclairJanine Regan-Sinclair is an international speaker, clairvoyant and channel, her aim is to develop global healing awareness and her talks are for those whose wish to learn more about self refinement and purification. A pioneer in her field, she has an important message to share with humanity, giving people the tools they need to ascend in her workshops. She is a Crystal Ki Specialist, Author & Clinical Hypnotherapist; inventor of the Crystal Ki Healing system and the revolutionary 21 Day Mind Detox, which uses diamond energy to cleanse the mind, body & soul. She has a high profile practice in Harley Street, London, UK and founded The Crystal Ki Foundation in 2010.

Janine will be discussing the new Crystal Ki map of consciousness that goes way beyond Avatar to Time Lord vibration and will be offering insight into your calibration levels for a donation of only £5 to her foundation. She will also be sharing rare information about non physical implants. Plus everyone who attends will receive a healing using the diamond discs. In 2011 Janine wrote and produced a documentary showing a medical doctor discussing entities and spirit attachments in relation to mental illness; the pilot is currently on You Tube via her website. or Tel: +44(0) 20 7467 8380



Monday 10 September 2012 – Fast Forward Your Business with Roger Hamilton – Early Bird tickets only £39. VIP Tickets £139. BOOK NOW for the 2012 Fast Forward your Business tour and be one of the first 1,000 early bird participants to receive a package of over £300 in business building products, including a complimentary copy of Roger’s new book, ‘Fast Forward your Business, The 8 Paths to Hyper-Growth’ as well as 2 Wealth Profiles Tests.  (Unbelievable value!) Your Mastery Path team are crewing this event so come and join us for a brilliant, educational and inspiring day.
event details

Woman Magic at the Monastery

Sunday 23 September 2012, 10 am – 5 pm – Woman Magic:
The Remembrance of the Divine Feminine at The Monastery.
£55 inc lunch, refreshments and workshop.
Click the banner for more details.

Something special happens when we gather together in unity and sacred surrender.  Through ceremony, meditation, sound, healing and journey – The Goddesses unite.  This day offers you a deepening into all that are feminine, supporting you in bringing forth your creativity, understanding and acceptance.  4 Speakers, 8 Workshops, Music surround the day creating and completing the shift of vibration and energy in all.  Check out Woman Magic for full details and booking.

6 / 7 October 2012  BSSK Mind Body Spirit Festival at The Monastery, Manchester.
10 am – 5 pm. BOOK HERE for details.

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