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What a month October has been – we had great fun and laughter with Robin Graham which created the perfect opening for some fab networking. Many thanks to those who brought food for our social share. Then for those of us who trained with Janine Regan-Sinclair, lots of clearing with Crystal Ki healing followed by earth healing.  Please send love and healing to Mother Earth and the people affected in these times of change and know that it’s all part of the shifts taking place.

This month we are delighted to welcome back for a third time, Eric Edmeades who will be sharing strategies to create Perfect Days when he joins us as part of his UK speaking tour.  Autumn / winter is a time from shedding the leaves and getting clear for the year ahead so Eric’s event is the perfect opportunity to take ‘time out’ and learn how to have more fun and be more productive in both our business, work and life. Come along and join us for our last Mastery Path event of 2012.   This month’s event will take place on Thursday 15 November, at The Village Hotel in Bury as opposed to our usual Wednesday night date, please note the change of venue.  Eric is speaking at Tony Robbins Business Mastery Programme in London from 17-20 November and this really is a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn from a world-class speaker who walks his talk.

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Robin Graham – Laughter for Health & Happiness

Mastery Path attendees having a good laugh with Robin GrahamI really wasn’t sure what to expect from a laughter workshop and how grateful I am to Mastery Path member Debbie Turner for recommending Robin Graham to come and speak for us.  We had such a fun filled evening!

Robin explained that laughter is a language – an expression of emotion.  I remember that as a schoolgirl, I would often get in trouble for laughing at inappropriate moments (eg when I was being reprimanded or if I heard some bad news).  Robin said that laughter can be a way of coping with stress and that makes complete sense … so if your children laugh when being told off, don’t be too hard on them – find a way to resolve the tension between you.

Interestingly, the word ‘silly’ comes from the German root which means ‘to be blessed’.  This may explain why so many of us like to be silly now and again – we can view it as blessing ourselves – yay!

Laughter doesn’t always mean that you’re happy, but when you laugh it raises your endorphins and then you can laugh genuinely.  When we’re relaxed our natural response to chaos is to laugh and sometimes, before you cry, you have to laugh and the reverse is also true.

Robin shared how we don’t need jokes to make us laugh.  We have a filter system that involves our brain so we have to think about something first to see if it’s funny to us.  What’s funny to one person may not be to another.  When we are playful we don’t use a filter and can therefore get really deep.  Through laughter we can generate joyfulness.  A great way of lowering our stress levels is to use breathing techniques (which is an internal practice) combined with laughter (an external practice)  – this helps us to bring about internal changes.  It’s interesting to note that the laughter doesn’t have to be real – the same effect is produced chemically with put on laughter so it really is the best medicine with positive side effects of lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

Imagine if everyone reading this newsletter made a conscious effort to laugh more, and it spreads to everyone in the area that you live and to the whole of the UK and wider afield … we can change society for the better.

Community Laughter Ambassadors
With community groups, schools and organisations, Feelgood Communities CIC are building a network of Laughter Ambassadors to share and spread laughter, bringing people together, building bridges, and providing opportunities to improve health and happiness.  They are training volunteers to run laughter icebreakers as part of an Awards For All project.  Join them or put Robin in contact with any groups you know!  We can change this world with laughter – we can build stronger communities through laughing together!
For more information:

DVDs of the Laughter Workshop are just £10 + P&P until our next event then they go up to the normal price of £15.
Contact to order your copy now.

Thursday, 15 November 2012 – Eric Edmeades
Perfect Days: Key Strategies for having the most fun and greatest productivity.
The Village Hotel, Bury
6.30pm – 9.30pm

Eric Edmeades, International keynote speakerHow do we REALLY make the most of every day and have fun doing it?

Eric’s funniest keynote on personal effectiveness and productivity. This humorous and powerful keynote presentation will leave you in stitches and with lasting change. The talk has been carefully constructed to create and internalize lasting change including the interruption or elimination of unwanted behavior patterns and emotional states and the installation or magnification of powerful, productive and wanted behaviors.

Starting with an open discussion about how perfectly good days are ruined and ending with a powerful and effective plan for success, this talk just might be the most powerful hour you spend.

Participants will …
Identify and eliminate non-productive (business and personal) behaviors.
Understand and replace the strategies they employ to reduce productivity.
Learn how to interrupt negative patterns of behavior.
Develop a powerful plan for well planned, effective and productive days.
Laugh and have fun as they learn about and improve themselves.

Perfect Days – Time Management & Personal Effectiveness
Who will benefit:  Anyone wanting to have fun whilst being productive.
Ideal for:  Business Owners, Managers, Employees, Students.

Eric was born in South Africa, raised and educated in Canada and has also lived in Ireland, England and the USA. In the last three years, Eric has spoken in over 15 countries. He and his partner, Elise, now reside in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Eric’s full biog and background is available on the Mastery Path events page.


Format for this event:
6.30 pm Registration & Networking
7.00 pm Eric’s keynote
9.30 pm End

Flat fee of just £10.00 per person for this event payable on the door.  All welcome!
*Annual membership for Mastery Path is just £25 – members may invite a first time guest FOC to each event (guests must pre-book via Eventbrite 24 hrs in advance to qualify, otherwise payment is required).

Please note to help us improve our registration process we now use Eventbrite for all our event bookings. When booking please include the names and contact details of each person attending.


Spiritual Sunday, 4 November at The Monastery – £15.00 include lunch
Francesca Brown, author of ‘My Whispering Angels’, is travelling from her home in Spain to talk about her life-changing experience, when she was first visited by an Angel 12 years ago. Since then she has had daily contact with the Angels and has used the messages they have given her to help many people find hope and inspiration, finding positive solutions to their problems.

David Trimble from the Aetherius Society will be talking about ‘The Great Change’ and regular contributors include Alison Knox, on ‘Working With Angels – Children/Inner Child’; walking the labyrinth and healing.

We are asking everyone to please pre-register for this event, as we now include a vegetarian lunch in the admission fee of £15.00.  Please go to to book your place and to find out more about Francesca and our other contributors.

Thursday, 8 November 2012 11 am – 2.30 pm.  Foods to Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul – Dine & Learn Experience with Julie Silver.
£55.00 (inc. lunch and recipes).

Small intimate group of 4 people maximum. Foods will be gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, yeast-free; suitable for coeliacs, diabetics, lactose intolerant and those wanting to feel more alive, whether or not you have the time to cook. Tel: 0161 798 5063 or E:

Friday 30 November – Self-Healing & The Immune System at The Friday Forum
Unity Centre, Padiham Unitarian Church.  7.30 pm.  £4 – pay on the door. A practical evening where John Webb will take you through a series of visualisations designed to trigger and support your immune system.  Enquiries:  John Webb 01254 822968

Wednesday 9 January 2013 – Mastery Path with Mark Abadi
The art of fighting without fighting : How to surrender your way to victory, Creative Living Centre, 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Saturday 12 January, 11 am – 5 pm  Level 2 Crystal Ki Healing with Janine Regan-Sinclair at the Creative Living Centre, Prestwich.
(Level 1 course is available – contact Debra if you’re interested.)  £125.00 per person.  Email: to book your place.


Thursday, 15 November 2012 – SPECIAL MASTERY PATH EVENT with internationally renowned speaker, Eric Edmeades.

This will be the last event of 2012 so be sure to join us for this fabulous opportunity to see Eric Edmeades speak.  Eric will be joining us on one of his rare UK speaking tours prior to being a platform speaker at Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event in London two days later.

December – Mastery Path
Please note there will be no Mastery Path event in December due to the big event at The Monastery on 21.12.12. We’d love you to join us there to help shift consciousness on the planet. Where will you be on the most important date for humanity since time began?  Full details available at The Monastery website. Don’t miss it – book your place today!

Please book early for our November event with Eric Edmeades as we need to confirm numbers with the hotel.  This really is a fab opportunity to take time out from work and re-energise your mind for 2013 so please feel free to invite business colleagues and friends, we’d appreciate any help you can offer in promoting it both online and offline.

Love and blessings
Debra Sofia Magdalene (((x)))

PS  Remember that as members, you can bring a first time guest free of charge to each of our events.  Must be pre-booked though so get inviting now!

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