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Paul and I returned from a wonderful 19 days in Egypt just in time for our February event.   We had so much fun on our travels and saw many beautiful sites from our cruise along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. We visited many temples including the Temples of Isis, Abu Simbel, Dendera and Abydos.  We spent 3 days in Cairo and visited the oldest step pyramid at Saqqara which is over 10,000 yrs old and not forgetting the pyramids and sphinx at Giza.

One of the highlights of our trip was staying in a Bedouin camp at St Catherine’s and climbing Mount Sinai which was beautiful.  We packed in so many activities included a hot air balloon flight over Luxor West Bank, quad biking through the mountains, horse riding along the coast, and camel riding at the pyramids … oh and I can’t forget scuba diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea, which felt just like being in a tropical fish aquarium!  We ended our trip with 5 days at Happy Life Village in Dahab (which definitely lived up to its name) and you can read my reviews and see photos for places we visited on Trip Advisor.

Read the full story and review on the Mastery Path blog

Darren Eden – The Power of Love
Darren Eden at Mastery PathThe room was buzzing at February’s event with Darren Eden, attracting a great audience willing to play full out during the workshop. Darren showed us how effortless things can be when we use our imagination to focus on the end result. We got to participate in an clever exercise using the arm to demonstrate just how powerful a shift in focus can be when we direct it to a fixed point ( and believe! ) Soooo simple and powerful!

Here’s a video clip of Darren Eden’s talk
If you missed the event the full DVD is now available for just £15.00 inc p&p.

Darren talked about how the challenge for many of us is that we’ve been conditioned not to make things up, not to think too big … we are taught that it is lying or not reality.  But our imagination is at the heart of how we create our reality.  Once we imagine or make up what we love, our intuition looks at what’s obvious and we get to make up a whole new reality.

So many of us get caught up in beliefs that simply aren’t true. I remember attending Darren’s 3 day event in London and being blown away with some of the exercises.  We make up all our thoughts and feelings and these lead to creating our beliefs.  One powerful exercise, (which I’ve never come across in any other personal development course) and involved looking at our wounds, really helped me to identify the strategies that I’d been running to reinforce disempowering beliefs. Darren gave some of these examples to the audience and explained how we try to resolve beliefs such as I’m unworthy/unlovable by putting other people first, and ‘I’m not good enough’ belief plays out by being an over achiever … always striving for more. Understanding these strategies allows you to become more aware and conscious about your repeating patterns.  This was enormously helpful to changing my own behaviour.

Darren covers so much on his 3 day workshop and I am absolutely delighted to announce that you are personally invited to attend as Darren’s guest – so it won’t cost
you a penny!

I’ve attended the 3 day event twice and highly recommend it.  Some of our members and many of my personal friends have gone on to do extended training with Darren and they all speak so highly of it … in fact it has really been life changing for them.

For details of Darrens invitation and workshop go to ‘Your Call To Greatness’ to register your ticket. Quote ‘Mastery Path’ when booking. Queries: +447533343741 or E:


The End of an Era – the Start of a New Age
David Trimble & Mollie Entwisle from The Aetherius Society
Wed 14 March  7.00pm ( Registration and networking from 6.30pm )

Full details on the Mastery Path events page.

Mastery Path Members: £10.00  (Annual membership only £25.00)
Non-Members: £15.00

To register email your full name, email and mobile number to:


LAST CALL Saturday 25 February 2012 – Key Person of Influence Seminar  (ONLY A FEW TICKETS LEFT)

The Mermaid Conference Centre, London. 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Daniel Priestley, Mike Harris and other world class speakers will share invaluable business tools.  Learn the 5 step sequence to becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.  Can you afford not to be there?
BOOK NOW click here

Sunday 4th March – Spiritual Sunday at The Monastery,
From midday to 4.30 pm
 Gorton Lane, Manchester M12 5WF  
£10 on door (£8 concessions, children free).

12.00 – Working with the Angels/Manifestation with Alison Knox 1pm – The Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom with June O’Connor  2pm Working with Spirit with Pamela Young. 3pm Energy as the New Currency with Mark Foster. 4pm Circle Dance, Music and Closing Ceremony with Ana Costa & John Hofton  Plus Dru Yoga which will start at 12.00 followed by meditation and Qigong at 2pm. Also between 12 until 4pm Walking the Labyrinth with Elizabeth Clarke.  Taster sessions with The Hook Healing Trust, massage and therapy taster sessions with No Hands Massage practitioners – Susan Roberts and Heartspace Lorraine Phillips  (pre-register directly to guarantee a taster session.)

YOUR CALL TO GREATNESS, Central London, 13 – 15 April 2012
Darren Eden has invited you attend his 3 day workshop called ‘Your Call to Greatness’ in London 13 – 15 April 2012 for free (tickets to this event were previously sold for £350 per person). (Venue in Central London to be confirmed).

During ‘Your Call To Greatness’ you will learn how to directly and powerfully access your intuition and imagination at will so that you can bring your Greatness to life.
Greatness is living your purpose with vibrant health, luxurious wealth, loving relationships, pioneering leadership and real freedom.

Go to ‘Your Call To Greatness’ register your ticket and for furter details. Quote ‘Mastery Path’ when booking. Queries: Darren T: +447533343741 or E:


14 March, Mastery Path – David Trimble & Mollie Entwisle from The Aetherius Society BOOK NOW

18 April,  Mastery Path – Alison Levesley, Divine Feminine not just for the girls
(This event will be on the third Wednesday – due to the spring school break)

For Mastery Path event booking email your name and contact number to and then pay on the door.  Mastery Path Members may bring a first time guest free of charge (when booked 24hrs in advance).  Members can also bring business cards and literature to promote your services (one of the membership benefits).

Have a wonderful month and look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Love and hugs
Debra Magdelene  (((x)))

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