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The Dalai Lama was in Manchester recently and I thought I’d share one of the learnings.

Have you ever felt unworthy and not good enough?
Apparently, this is a Western thing …
A young Thai monk asked “Why are Westerners so miserable?”  The Dalai Lama said that this is because of a perceived lack of achievement and said we should relax, step back, look at it, acknowledge it and let it pass – recognize that it’s part of our social conditioning.  The underlying emotion of feeling unworthy and not good enough is PRIDE!  It’s our sense of self identity that we’re clinging to and it’s like saying “I’m special”.  So next time you are tempted to feel miserable, unworthy or not good enough … remember the perplexed young monk and reflect on this teaching.

Pleiadian Healing with Ryan Greenwood

At our last event, Ryan explained that over the last few weeks, energy from eclipses, solar storms, venus transit etc are Ascension fires bringing up everything that needs to be released – old thoughts, hurts, emotions have been coming up so we can release the patterning.  He told us about The Pleiades (Seven Sisters) and how this is one of our ancestral home constellations where many of us originally came from.  During the evening, we experienced two meditations during which we connected with guides from The Plaeides who are currently assisting the earth in its transition from the third to the fifth dimension.  Ryan explained how the fourth dimension (when we open our hears to see the truth) is a spiritual dimension that physically aids the shift from the third to fifth dimension.  Many past lives and realities are currently being healed through our dreams so don’t be surprised if you’re having some weird and wonderful dreams!

Ryan has recently been drawn to doing energy work on Pendle Hill in Lancashire to clear dense energies and this is now a light healing centre used by the Pleiadians.   Ryan encourages us to always check in with our hearts when following people – are they giving you tools to empower you or keeping you and holding you back because of their own ego?  He encourages us all to be disciplined in clearing our energy fields and protecting them from a place of empowerment rather than from fear.

Ryan dedicates his life to healing and works with the higher vibrations of light and love to give you the highest healing possible for your own soul’s journey.

Debbie Evran was the lucky winner of the prize draw and won a healing session with Ryan valued at £65.

“After a hectic week, my session with Ryan was just what I needed. I had been having challenges in the areas of communication and self worth which Ryan tapped into, connecting and reaching back to Egyptian times – which was very intriguing. Ryan then performed a wonderful healing and chanting session to release energy blocks around key charkas and help my energies re-connect. I’ve certainly felt a lot lighter and calmer since my session, and looking forward to doing more work with Ryan and attending some of his weekly sessions to further my personal growth”. Debbie 🙂

You can book your own healing session with him by contacting Ryan on 07902 363227, or attend the Sonar Expansion Healing Course on 28 July (details shown under Events).

July Mastery Path
Skip, The Naked Health Detective
11 July 2012  6.30pm – 9.30pm

Skip, The Naked Health DetectiveSkip, The Naked Health Detective leads the field in dynamism, impact, and sheer entertainment value. His knowledge and understanding of how natural health, or the lack of it, impacts on all our lives, is unrivalled. The story of his personal journey is inspirational.
In the years that he has been a speaker and a coach, he has delivered powerful messages positively influencing the lives and health of thousands of people all over the world, from mixed-interest groups to professional business people to top achievers in sport, business and entertainment.

Everything happens for a reason and Skip – The Naked Health Detective will share his story that will at points shock you, amaze you, entertain you, inspire you and help you to realize the true power that we all possess. Skip’s 10 Commandments for Health are the key to unlocking your inner hero. Apply them with the Pareto ratio to your entire life and they will not only open up your true potential but they will be the only prescription you will ever need.  Skip applied these recently to his career and has just sold 5 TV shows on a global scale so what could they do for you.

Two examples are:
1) He broke his back and was told by medical experts that he would never walk again and would spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Using these principles he actually re-learnt to walk, run, jump and went on to win the British Gymnastics Championships.
2) He completely snapped his Achilles heel and was told his performing career as an acrobat was over.. Only 3 months later was he was back flipping the length of the stage at The Royal Albert Hall.

He is now sharing his methods with millions. To help in this mission, Skip has created original products to make following his 10 Commandments 4 Naked Health not just inspirational but a fun-filled, positive experience.

Along with Eric Llewellyn, world renowned nutritionist, Skip has created his own range of nutritional supplements using the unique Superfood Matrix Delivery System. This range of supplements are completely natural, are accepted by the body as real food and delivered where they are needed in the body for optimum effectiveness.
 Skip is an NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and graduate of the Life Mastery University of Anthony Robbins. He has appeared in many adverts and promotions for major brands and on stage in Carmen, La Boheme, Rake’s Progress and Love Never Dies. Skip was twice British Gymnastics Champion. He smashed the Eliminator record on GLADIATORS not bad for someone who should be in a wheel chair.

£10.00 Mastery Path Members (only £25 annual membership)
£15.00 Non-Members


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