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Welcome to 2013! Hope you all enjoyed the festive season without over indulging too much – so many people get ill after Christmas as a result of the increased volume of food and drink they consume.

The reason you haven’t heard from me until now is because I was having such a special time in Mexico and Guatemala that I decided to extend my stay and spend longer in the sun (to make up for the lack of it last year in the UK).

I fell in love with Guatemala, the people there are so friendly and we participated in some incredible ceremonies with Mayan Elders. The 20 other souls who went on the pilgrimage to create the Rainbow Bridge are now like my extended family and we experienced some very special times together. Those of you who followed my travels on Facebook will have seen photos of the incredible places we visited – so many sacred sites each with a very different energy.

I felt drawn to return to Parialaj, a beautiful, high vibration Mayan Ceremonial Centre where we had spent a couple of hours on our tour.  I ended up attending three ceremonies with Mayan Elders there from 20-22 December which is an experience I will never forget.  I was given the honour of building the sacred fire on the evening of 20 November in preparation for the big event on 21/12/12 – throughout the 3 hour ceremony, I kept pinching myself, wondering if I were dreaming. The 13th Baktum (cycle) came to a close on 21/12/12 and we had a special ceremony to mark this, led by two Mayan Priests (known as Tata’s) and one Nana (female).  We then danced and celebrated as we drank hot chocolate then went to have some food which had been cooked on the open fire in the thatched roundhouse.  The following morning, the ceremonial fire was still smouldering and another fire was prepared for the third ceremony which was to welcome the new cycle – the start of the 14th Baktum.

The Mayans told us that all the hype about 21/12/12 is a Western thing.  To them, it was about going within, spending time alone, shedding what no longer serves, and welcoming in the new cycle and a new way of being.  It has never been about the end of the world but the ending of a cycle.  The calendar goes on … it doesn’t end.

Life goes on … by raising our vibration we help those around us.  Be love, be compassionate, be understanding, be tolerant.  Be the best you can be and have fun whilst doing it!  Live life to the full – we are so blessed to be here in these exciting times of transitioning to the new world.

Be a Conscious Creator in 2013

Have a think about what you want to create in 2013 and become the conscious creator of your own reality.  You’re already doing it whether you know it or not, so if you haven’t got the results you want, re-evaluate what you are doing.  Get some help from a coach you resonate with and make the commitment to attending our events regularly – they will help you to raise your vibration so that you can allow what is rightfully yours to come to you.  I know that many people need support in this area so I’m considering running a visioning workshop on Sunday 20 January to help you to manifest what you want – setting goals and creating vision boards. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you details.


Mark Abadi, The art of fighting without fighting:
How to surrender your way to victory.

Wednesday 9 January 2013
6.30pm – 9.30pm,
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich

Mark Abadi, Holistic Psychologist and international spiritual teacherMost of us feel we have to continually battle and fight to achieve our goals, to find our own perfection and happiness. Little do most of us realise that the answer is right before our eyes. In fact it is actually BEFORE we start looking for it. Like trying to find the contact lens that is already in your eyes. The answer is simpler than you first thought. Somewhere you have to let go of the search, give in, surrender and allow the realisation to occur by itself.

Mark will guide an interactive discussion into our true natures and how the simplicity can free us from the battle of life. How simple acceptance results in an undeniable realisation of completeness. It is not about providing all the answers but realising that there are no questions that need answering …

Mark has just published his first book on holistic conscious living and self acceptance.

Mark Abadi is a Holistic Psychologist and international spiritual teacher, working with health and well being from a multi-disciplinary perspective. He blends and expands his degrees in psychology with qualifications in physiological biology and experience with quantum mechanics to better understand the dynamics of the Human Holistic System.

He is an expert in the interaction of the mind, body matrix and at maximising change through a multi-leveled therapy practice. With a great interest in how space resonates with Human health, happiness and wellbeing. Visit the Mastery Path events page for Mark’s full biog.

We invite you to join Mastery Path

We have some incredible world-class speakers already lined up to speak in 2013 so become a member of Mastery Path and join our community of like-minded people.  You will make friends, save money off each event, and you’ll also be able to invite others to our events as your guest.  You will also be supporting those less fortunate than ourselves through our effective giving with Buy1Give1.

B1G1 / Our commitment to giving back
At Mastery Path we believe our DVDs will help you on your personal spiritual journey and see yourself and life more clearly.  Through Buy 1 Give 1, for every DVD you order from us, someone in Indonesia will receive a pair of glasses to help them see more clearly.

Our first event of 2013 is next week so please book straight away and start inviting guests.

For those of you who ordered DVDs or Eric Edmeades brilliant talk in November, I will bring these to our next event unless you paid for P&P.  We posted some DVDs in November prior to going away so if you ordered one and haven’t yet received it, please let me know straight away.  (I know that at least one wasn’t received so maybe it has got lost in the Christmas post).  If you haven’t yet ordered and want to pick one up next week, let me know so we can produce them for you.

The full length DVD of Eric’s talk is £15.00 and can be pre-ordered for collection at our next event or add £2.00 p&p. Please send cheques, made payable to ‘Mastery Path’ to: 
Debra Sofia Magdalene, 103 Ormerod Road, Burnley, BB11 3QW.


Wednesday 9 January 2013 – Mastery Path with Mark Abadi, The art of fighting without fighting : How to surrender your way to victory,
Creative Living Centre, 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm, Registration and networking from 6.30pm – BOOK NOW

Thursday, 17 January 2013 11.00 am – 2.30 pm.  Foods to Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul – Dine & Learn Experience with Julie Silver. £55.00 (inc lunch and recipes). An intimate gathering of 4 people maximum.  How important is it for you to be the best you can be? Are you struggling with a health problem, feel tired, sluggish and maybe bloated? Is this making you feel below par? Do you want to feel lighter, more energised and healthier? If you are serious about improving your health and want to heal on a mind, body & soul level then this enlightening workshop is for you.  If I can show you a way to increase your energy, improve wellbeing, heal on every level and point you in the right direction to your next step to vitality, would you be ready for this? You will get time to talk about what your health requirements are, learn about and eat healthy alternatives that will be practical and realistic for your lifestyle. Ideas for meals which you will eat including easy to make vegan sushi (with brown rice, other healthy ingredients and definitely no raw fish). It will be a small intimate group of 4 people maximum. Foods will be Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free, yeast-free – suitable for vegetarians/vegans, coeliacs, diabetics, lactose intolerant and those wanting to feel more alive, whether you have the time to cook and also if you don’t have much time.  If you want me to put a workshop on a date to suit you call Tel: 0161 798 5063 or E:

Look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday.
Love and heart hugs

Debra Sofia Magdalene (((x)))

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