Mastery Path April ~ Vernon Frost + Debra’s Travel Up-date

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Mastery Path April ~ Vernon Frost + Debra’s Travel Up-date

Last time I wrote to you I was living in the jungle.  I’ve now moved to the Sacred Valley and currently living in Ollantaytambo. An update on my travels is below and on the Mastery Path website.

I will still be in Peru at the time of our next event with Vernon Frost and am delighted to confirm that Dave Binder will be hosting the event supported by our fabulous crew.  Please book your seats early so that I can sort out the bookings from this end.  And remember to invite your friends … I’m sure that there are many people who would value a miracle in their lives right now so do them a big favour.

The booking links are on our website and Facebook so please book your places early via Eventbrite and pay on the door as usual as we were full to capacity last time Vernon spoke. Register now to secure your seat:


Vernon Frost – Make A Miracle Happen
Wed 2nd April 2014
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich
Registration from 6.30pm, Talk starts 7.00pm – 9.00pm


Do you have a Miracle you want to make happen?  If so, be sure to register straight away for this special Mastery Path event!

Come with the intent for a miracle. Let Vernon help you discover the barriers in front of your miracle, and support you to open up to receiving and creating your miracle.

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Vernon Frost is an internationally renowned teacher and healer in the field of esoterics and metaphysics. He is a powerful clairvoyant with a unique psychic gift that allows him to follow your thought patterns, identify your limiting belief, see what event in your life caused it and then discharge the negative energy of that trapped subconscious belief.

Vernon is unorthodox, relevant and humorous. He’s a breath of fresh air.  Over the past 35 years he has run highly successful workshops worldwide on esoteric principles, self-healing, meditation, past-life regression and personal transformation which has changed the lives of thousands of people. He travels extensively throughout the world teaching in Europe, Turkey, United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritius and South Africa.

What people say about Vernon
‘One of the most impressive healers I have met. We are ever so lucky to have Vernon come in our lives and please convey our heartfelt gratitude to him.’

‘The world I have returned to has morphed into something more creative and enjoyable with lots more room to grow. I hope Vernon continues to do his work. It really does change lives.’

‘There was a lot of fear in me and Vernon knows exactly where to hunt for it and clear it. He makes you think you’re doing it yourself which is quite empowering’

‘I’d read about the connection between the physical and the emotional in Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, but I didn’t really get it until I had this session with Vernon. Please pass on a BIG thank you to him.’

‘Vernon, you are teaching me more and more each time how to love again with all my heart. Thank you. This has changed my life completely……it was the HARDEST thing for me but the result is so much, so much, so much worth it.  Words cannot explain what I feel. Vernon is an amazing guide, and I am grateful to him. This has been a complete liberation for ME.’


NOTE for Mastery Path Members
Remember that you may bring a first time guest free of charge – each person must be registered via Eventbrite at least 48 hrs in advance to qualify, otherwise charges apply.  If your membership was valid at September 2013, add six months to your expiry date (we ran additional events in July and August as Debra would be away for a while).  If you aren’t sure when your expiry date is, have a guess and any queries can be sorted out on Debra’s return as she doesn’t have access to her records in Peru. 

Synchronicity Event, Sunday 13th April, 10.45am – 5.15pm, The Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 3BL (Behind TGI Fridays). J17 off the M60  Entrance: £10.00 each for the day

• Elyse Rogers who is a superb energy vocalist….will be singing some awesome tunes.
• Rebecca D’amato who will be talking about Divine Conciousness Activation.

There will also be musical interludes and general all round connection & unity. Please could you share and invite as many as you know who you feel would like to be involved in free spirited fun, food & inspiring wisdom Have a fabulous day ! Dave xxx

Wednesday 30th April – Food Awakening – Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul – A Dine & Learn Retreat Experience by Vitality Fairy Julie Silver in Prestwich, Manchester. Investment in your health: £55.00 (this includes a full lunch + e-mailed information and recipes). 11am – 2.30pm. 5 places available. Call Julie on 0161 798 5063 to book or email: More details on website
How important is it for you to be the best you can be?  Are you struggling with a health problem, feel tired, sluggish and maybe bloated? Is this making you feel below par? Do you want to feel lighter, more energised and healthier?  If you are serious about improving your health and want to heal on a mind, body & soul level then this enlightening workshop is for you. You will get time to talk about what your health requirements are, learn about and eat healthy alternatives that will be practical and realistic for your lifestyle. It will be a small intimate group of 5 people maximum. Foods will be Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free, yeast-free – suitable for vegetarians/vegans, coeliacs, diabetics, lactose intolerant and those wanting to feel more alive, whether you have the time to cook and also if you don’t have much time.


Rosa’s Passing and Funeral
I spend the whole of the month of February on a coffee plantation in the higher jungle, 9 km from the town of Quillabamba.  Being without phone and internet was a blessing as I read many books on my iPad when the sun went down. I’d go into the town on Saturdays and stay in a hotel for the night, returning the following day and trekking for 90 mins up the mountain. I was blessed with dry weather on those treks for which I was very grateful – when it rains, you certainly know about it!

Cochabamba to Copacabanna
I returned as usual on Sunday 23 February, feeling at one with the beautiful nature all around me and feeling like I was experiencing heaven on earth.  I stopped to connect with the plants, butterflies, river, trees … in fact everything that caught my eye.  It took me a lot longer than normal and I arrived at the house just before sunset.  I found myself locked out of the sleeping quarters so I waited in the kitchen for three hours then Gladys and Berny returned armed with medical supplies as Rosa (Glady’s 88 yr old mother) had taken a turn for the worse.  As Gladys and I were setting up an oxygen tank, Rosa stopped breathing and peacefully passed away with us by her bedside.  After Gladys had come to terms with the passing of her mother and we’d had a brew, we prepared Rosa’s body and dressed her in the beautiful white dress and veil that she’d worn at her wedding over fifty five years earlier.
Read my latest travel up-date on the Mastery Path blog

What Next?


I’m feeling drawn to go back to Machu Picchu and would like to be there around 20 March which is the Autumnal Equinox in Peru and the Spring Equinox in the UK.  I will probably stay in that area for a few days then decide what to do after that.

I will be thinking about you all and tuning in on Wednesday 2 April at the Mastery Path event.  I’m sure that many of you will have miracles that you want to manifest.  Vernon is a world class speaker and we are honored to host him at Mastery Path for a second time.

Please book your place as soon possible if you intend to go as the event was packed to capacity last year.  It will be a huge help to me if you book by 31st March as I’m working on the event from Peru and would like to provide the information for Dave Binder the day before due to time differences.

Thank you all for your continued support.  It’s great being able to communicate with you via social media whilst I’m away and I’ve started to upload photos of my travels to Instagram as well as so you can now connect with me there too.

Love and blessings
(((( x ))))

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