11 Feb: Karen Shaw, Presenting from the Heart

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11 Feb: Karen Shaw, Presenting from the Heart

Karen Shaw, Presenting from the Heart – Full day workshop
Saturday 11 February 2012,  10am – 4pm
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich

The thought of Public Speaking, standing up and speaking in front of people, strikes fear in the heart of so many.  Karen believes it needn’t be like that and explains that one of the keys to help you get over the fear is in the word ‘presenting’. It includes the word ‘present’. Be present, be in the moment instead of thinking about past experiences that are negative, or imagining what could go wrong and worrying about a future state or experience you don’t want!

What’s interesting is that we are all ‘presenting’ all the time, whether it’s at work, giving a formal presentation, putting an idea forward to family or friends or to our children. Wouldn’t it be good to know how to do this most effectively?

Do you find giving presentations daunting, dread them or even avoid giving them?

Would you like to learn the tools and techniques that will transform your presentation into a powerful success and inspire and motivate your audience to action and have the confidence to present to any number of people?

You will learn how to:
Enjoy presenting
Feel comfortable and confident on stage
Connect with your audience easily and effortlessly
Communicate effectively with your audience
Gain instant rapport
Learn ‘magic’ language to influence and persuade
Handle questions, hecklers and interruptions, skillfully
Use the stage to have maximum impact
Use body language to clearly and powerfully connect
Present without using notes
Become a compelling, confident and charismatic presenter

This training will help you move forward and improve massively whether you already speak or present from stage, are starting out as a presenter or speaker or whether you want to improve your communication skills in general. It will be challenging at times and I ask you to commit to play full out, participate fully and to the best of your ability. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out and very importantly … have fun!

Usual price for this one day training £197 per person. Take advantage of this special offer through Mastery Path ONLY £77 for the full day! Confirm your place now: karenlizshaw@gmail.com Tel: 07968015770
or find out more via the Mastery Path Facebook page

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