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It’s been over two weeks since our last event and time has flown by.  Wasn’t it lovely to have a bit of sun over the weekend?  How we’ve all been missing the sun … but Mother Earth is going through changes in preparation for ascension and the energies are changing.  This is a time for us all to leave behind our emotional baggage and focus on raising our vibrations so that we can help ourselves and others.  To be of service to the earth and our fellow brothers and sisters on the planet at this time is a privilege and we have chosen to be here at this exciting time in our evolution … so enjoy the ride!

We hear about the transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius but what does that mean? And what is the Divine Feminine about?

I read a great article by Astrologer Lynn Hayes and I decided to include a snippet below.  Why?  Because I’m drawn so much to Mary Magdalene and it was her Feast Day on 22 July – it’s time that people woke up to the truth.

Pisces is a feminine sign, yet during the reign of Pisces we have seen the suppression and re-emergence of the feminine, and no story tells this quite as dramatically as the transformation of Mary Magdalene, the real story behind The DaVinci Code and subject of the cult book ‘Holy Blood Holy Grail’ by Henry Lincoln first published in 1982. The Church recently admitted that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute but a true follower. However, when the Nag Hammadi scrolls were discovered and translated, it was revealed that Mary was more than a follower but an actual apostle, giving rise anew to theories of Mary having been wife to Jesus.

You can read the full article here and find out about the Astrological Ages.

Last year, Paul and I spent a couple of days with Henry Lincoln at Rennes Le Chateau and he shared many of his findings with us. If you’re interested in discovering these, watch this documentary which is 1 hr 25 mins.


Skip, The Naked Health Detective

Skip, The Naked Health Detective with Debra MagdeleneMark Skipper – phew, what an inspirational guy!  Skip shared his story of how, after winning the British Gymnastics Championships, he broke his back and spent a long time in hospital.  Not only did he beat the odds to walk again using the power of his mind and not taking on the beliefs of the doctors, but he went on to win the championships for a second time.  Skip shared his 10 commandments 4 Health with us and you can download a summary of these from his website (along with other freebies which I highly recommend) –  You’ll also find details of his products and events too.

We’ve posted a video clip of Skip’s talk at Mastery Path on our Youtube channel. If you missed the event a full DVD recording of the event is now available for sale from our website.

Mel Eaves was the lucky winner of the prize draw and won a copy of Skip’s 10 Commandments 4 Health Book and 40 Power Rounds DVD.

Skip’s running a 5 day Detox Your Life Mind Body & Spirit Retreat for a small number of people in his private villa in Marbella from 7 October and is offering our Mastery Path readers this for just £997.  Ring 07774 667354 for more info and to book.


Mastery Path - Birthday EventWe invite you all to come and join us on  8th August and help us to celebrate our 7th year of running Mastery Path, Enlightening Events.  As a special Thank You for your support, existing Mastery Path members can come for free to our birthday event (in addition to bringing a first time guest free).  If your membership has expired, you may renew prior to the event and still receive this offer.  Pre-booking is essential to receive this offer.

Please note that we will not be running a Mastery Path event in September as there are two other fabulous events taking place which we encourage you to book in your diaries!  If you’re in business, you won’t want to miss Roger Hamilton who’s speaking on 10 September – he’s one of the best business minds around!  On Sunday 23 September, Rev Alison Levesley has organized a Woman Magic event which is open to guys too – it will be a fantastic day so do come along and nurture yourselves in the divine energies at The Monastery.  I’ll be running a workshop and so will Julie Silver.  Check out details for both these events below and visit the links for full details.

Mark W Foster – Energetic Consultant at The Monastery Manchester, Understanding hidden energies to unlock your health, wealth & spiritual growth.

Mark W Foster, Energetic CoachIf there was only one skill or ability I could share with you, which if you mastered it would catapult you forward in whatever way you desire,  just one understanding so basic, so fundamental and so powerful that it would transform any experience, this would be it.

Once we understand energy, we understand our real selves, our true spiritual nature and our interconnectedness with everything. We understand how oneness works and how we can interact with all other energies.  It is the most powerful and yet the most overlooked form of personal development I have yet encountered. It is what we are here to learn.

It is like discovering and mastering a totally new language which allows you access to everything, to change any area of life, health, relationships, career, business, success, wealth and most of all we stop playing small and flex our true spiritual muscles.

So if you know intuitively deep down inside that there is something just waiting for you, almost a kind of soul memory of something amazing, then maybe this presentation will be the nudge that removes the veil for you.

Mark W Foster


OTHER EVENTS for your personal spiritual growth

Sunday 29 July, 7 pm. The 600 Megawatt Meditation That Made Manchester Glow – Todd Acamesis at The Monastery, Manchester £5
Are you ready to play your part in creating cosmic history? Join 600 spiritual Mancunians for the meditation experience that will be greatly talked about on this plane of reality and other realms for an age to come. No previous meditation experience is required!  All profits going to The Monastery.  Book here and pay on the door.

Sunday 5 August 11 am – 5 pm  Spiritual Sunday at The Monastery, Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF.  £10.00 Adults, children free.
David Ash – Ascension & Sabai Blessing. Elizabeth Clarke – Walk the Labyrinth.
 Alison Knox – Working with Angels Truth & Integrity.
 Neil Brocklehurst – Andean Spiritual Practices.
 Peggy Jane Rogers – Introduction to a Course in Miracles. 12-3pm book a free one hour session of Healing With Music – John Hofton. Plus in the PRIVATE CHAPEL. 
DRU Yoga at 12.00, Meditation at 13.00, Qigong at 14.00.  Plus
Healing from 12 – 4pm with the Hook Healing Trust and National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Saturday 25 August 2012 – The Aetherius Society is running two official Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains in Britain – one on Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons, Wales and the other on the Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District. Often after a Pilgrimage, there is a social gathering at a local venue.
Contact if you are interested in attending either of these and she will connect you with the organiser.

Monday 10 September 2012 – Fast Forward Your Business with Roger Hamilton – Early Bird tickets only £39. VIP Tickets £139. BOOK NOW for the 2012 Fast Forward your Business tour and be one of the first 1,000 early bird participants tor eceive a package of over $600 in business building products, including a complimentary copy of Roger’s new book, ‘Fast Forward your Business, The 8 Paths to Hyper-Growth’ and 2 Wealth Profiles.  (This is unbelievable value!)

Sunday 23 September 2012, 10 am – 5 pm – Woman Magic: The Remembrance of the Divine Feminine at The Monastery.
£55 inc lunch, refreshments and workshop.

Something special happens when we gather together in unity and sacred surrender.  Through ceremony, meditation, sound, healing and journey – The Goddesses unite.  This day offers you a deepening into all that are feminine, supporting you in bringing forth your creativity, understanding and acceptance.  4 Speakers, 8 Workshops, Music surround the day creating and completing the shift of vibration and energy in all.  Follow this link for full details for Woman Magic.

Please book in advance and pay on the door at registration. Please note that we need contact details for each person attending including first time guests invited by members.

Love and hugs
Debra Sofia Magdalene (((x)))

PS   Members – remember to book yourself and a first time guest in via Eventbrite if you want to come to our 7th Birthday Event free of charge – otherwise normal charges apply.

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