John Webb presents Classical Kinesiology

Mastery Path May 25, 2011 0

John was a senior comprehensive school teacher until he took early retirement and trained as a yoga teacher. He followed an interest in kinesiology and continued the training as it was so fascinating. He has been professionally practising kinesiology for fourteen years and sees a variety of clients. Typically they are feeling more tired than they should be, have been through conventional medicine but still have problems,  are worried about food allergies, or have emotional problems. He is also a hill-walking leader.

John will describe the principles upon which Kinesiology is based, and encourage the audience to participate in energy-testing each other and themselves. Skills will be learned which can improve energy levels on a daily basis, and some of the possibilities of inaccuracies will be shown. After the break you will see a demonstration of a typical session used as a therapy.

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