John of God, Personal Spiritual Growth on a different level

Mastery Path July 14, 2014 0
John of God, Personal Spiritual Growth on a different level

Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania

casa-de-domThe main reason for my visit to Brazil is to spend five weeks at John of God’s healing centre to raise my vibration and continue my personal healing journey. John of God, who’s real name is Joao Teixeira da Faria, is Brazil’s (and possibly the world’s) most powerful trance medium who, as part of his life mission, hands his body over to entities such as St Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Jesuit sect), King Solomon, and a host of others who were physicians and surgeons in their physical lives and now help thousands of people every day with miraculous healings.

On my first morning, there was a real buzz because it was Joao’s 72nd birthday and the place had been decorated with balloons and bunting.  I had a front row seat and clearly saw he moment when Joao left his body and the entity incorporated.  He then proceeded to perform three visible surgeries on people plucked from the audience.  Using a kitchen knife he performed an eye operation on one woman. Another had a 2-3 inch incision made on her left breast and he inserted his fingers and removed some tissue then sewed her up.  The third operation was on a man where the incorporated entity made incisions skilfully using a scalpel behind the right ear and using a scraping motion whilst he was looking out into the audience.  In all three cases, no anaesthetic was used, the instruments weren’t sterilised and hardly any blood came out of the wounds.  The people being operated on showed no sign of pain. I’d read about these surgeries but witnessing them first hand was incredible.

In the afternoon whilst meditating in the medium’s room, I had a spontaneous invisible operation and spend a few hours resting in the recovery room.  I was then told to spend 24 hrs in bed and told what I shouldn’t do for the next 8 days, eg no exercise, carrying, lifting, crossing the main road …   I was confused by some of the rules and really wanted to visit the Sunday market to buy fresh vegetables but I was told that the bubble of energy from the Casa extends to the main road and not beyond it so I then understood the reason for the rule.  The entities that incorporate in Joao’s body can work on nine areas simultaneously and rarely tell you what they’ve done.  People who come here put all their faith and trust in the spirits who know exactly what you need, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it.  The energy here is tangible and I know I’m exactly where I need to be right now for my soul’s growth.

I am grateful to Wendy Price who I met at Mastery Path some years ago.  She connected me with an English man called Rupert and I’m now staying in his beautiful house in a big attic bedroom where I get beautiful sunset views every evening. There are two other women renting rooms in the house and we get on so well.  All three people in the house are guides at the Casa so I’ve been very well looked after as it can be very confusing knowing where to go and the do’s and don’ts on your first visit.

I’m going to save the rest for my talk in August, where I will share in more detail the insights and experiences I’ve had during my travels.


Debra Magdalene has been travelling in South America since 5 September 2013, firstly to Peru where she spent 15 days with the Shipibos in the Amazon directly experiencing her multi-dimensionality, gaining deep insights into her true nature and experiencing deep healing through working with sacred plant medicines.  She then trekked for four days over the Andes to her destination of Machu Picchu which had been on her vision board for three years.  After a period of quiet time in Cusco, she travelled to different parts of Peru then to Bolivia spending time at the sacred Lake Titicaca and the Islands of the Sun and Moon.  After five weeks in Bolivia, she returned to Peru for a further six months with very little money and total faith that she would be looked after and guided.  She followed her heart and trusted her intuition which allowed her to experience the magic as it unfolded. 

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