January event review with Mark Abadi

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January event review with Mark Abadi

I recently saw a testimonial likening Mark Abadi to comedian Robin Williams and I now know why!  Mark delivered an interesting topic in such a humorous and relaxed manner which made the learning experience effortless.  Mark’s topic was The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: How to surrender your way to victory.  I’ve summarized some of the key points below and you can order the full DVD of Mark’s talk (107 minutes) if you were unable to attend.

You can watch Mark in action on the Mastery Path youtube channel.

In The Art of War by Sun Tzu written 500 BC, there’s a quote: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”   Sadly, we are encouraged to engage in all kinds of war and the news is embedded with fear.  There’s a war on drugs, war on cancer (the symptoms – not the root cause), war on terrorism …  we are encouraged to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.  Arguments can’t be fed when you are fully present – they dissolve without fuel.

Thomas Fuller said; “There are two things a man should never be angry at:  what he can help, and what he cannot.”  It’s human nature to look for evidence to back up your beliefs.  If someone presents conflicting information, you’ll ignore it unless you have true courage because you want to feel right.

Our perception is based upon a series of limiting beliefs – we need these to get on with anything in life.
Duality is not how nature works – it’s how we work … the yin/yang of consciousness.
Our brain fills in gaps and missing data with what it thinks should be there and it will trick you into staying where you are.
Opinion depends upon a perception.
Perception depends upon location – so sit with consideration of other possibilities.

Change Hurts (even when removing pain), but pain is the road sign that you should follow.  Go into the pain – into the fire.  By stepping into the pain, you can then dissolve it.  The way through the emotion – is through the emotion!  But you think emotion is painful so you avoid it.

Emotional pain occurs due to resistance: ‘What you resist persists’.  You can accept a situation and not like it.  The bible talks about acceptance and love.

Resistance is rejection, rejection is separation.  Letting go = letting go of resisting (not the emotion).  So accept and own your emotions.  Acknowledge the emotions because they want to be heard and honored (as if they are little children).  If you ignore fear, it encourages the fear to be more and therefore comes back stronger because it thinks it’s not good enough.  Turn EMOTION to MOTION – it will fuel you instead of paralyzing you.

Something to consider:  anything not looked at by your parents (unlived) will get passed down to you for you to ‘live’ it.  So live the emotion and feel it – don’t hide.  Nothing you feel is wrong, everything you feel is right – there’s yin and yang.  You may not like it.  Ask yourself ‘Where do I not want to go?’  Go where you don’t want to go, feel the emotion, and you are free.  Note that the stronger the emotion, the more it will want to survive and convince you to look elsewhere.

Acceptance of Self
You don’t have to like anything to accept it.
You are already on your destiny so relax!
You’re doing the best you can with the tools you have.
Choose from LOVE not fear.
Honor what you choose to do.
Live your emotions.

Life is a mirror – a reflection.  So own the experience and be more accepting of yourself … or reject and resist (the choice is yours).

Yoga – is being present.
Meditation – is being here and now.
Coherence – balancing of mind and heart.
Stop looking for the answer and BE present.
The answers lie within you.

Mark’s fabulous book Evolve expands on his Mastery Path talk and is about living in balance and self-acceptance through science, spirituality, mindfulness and nutrition.  It’s a comprehensive handbook for the courageous seeker of truth available in hardback and softback – check it out and order online: www.BookEvolve.com

Find out more about Mark’s work on his website www.syntonium.com and you can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark also runs Holistic Manchester Social Gatherings in Hale for those interested in holistic living, complementary medicine, yoga, meditation, nutrition, health, wellbeing, happiness and all things fun.  Dates are available on his website and you can also connect with the group on Facebook and Meetup.com   www.holisticmanchester.com

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