Free Hugs from Global Hugs Ambassadors at Manchester Om Yoga Show

Mastery Path April 30, 2015 0
Free Hugs from Global Hugs Ambassadors at Manchester Om Yoga Show

Changing your life is never an easy thing to do, but one woman with a mission has done just that and aims to help others to do the same. Debra Sofia Magdalene, who sold her house and gave away most of her possessions in an effort to become less materialistic, has never been happier, and she’s going to be at the OM Yoga Show in Manchester offering free hugs to anyone who wants to feel unconditionally loved.

“I’ve been hugging since 2004 and set up Global Hugs in 2005 with a mission to share unconditional love through Hugs. I had the inspiration for International Hugs Week in 2008 and took to the streets offering free hugs. We have Global Hugs Ambassadors group on Facebook and we are recruiting more to help share love around the world,” said Debra.

Debra, once an Executive Director of Burnley Enterprise Trust, turned her life around after a divorce in 2004. She left the security of a well-paid job to set up Global Hugs Ltd, a coaching and training practice with a mission to share unconditional love through hugs. HUGS is an acronym that stands for Hunger for Unlimited Growth of Self.

Magdalene Spiritual Journeys was borne from Global Hugs after Debra spent almost a year travelling alone in South America. After spending time experiencing tribal life with the Shipibos at a spiritual retreat deep in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, exploring plant medicines, she then followed her heart and spent time in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. The experiences brought her profound personal growth and she felt it her mission to help to provide this opportunity to those who wanted to achieve the same growth. HUGS is now also an acronym that stands for Humans Undergoing Growth Spiritually!

Debra is back in the UK and sharing hugs wherever she goes. Research shows that there are many benefits of hugging, including helping to heal sickness and reduce stress. Debra teaches people how to do a heart hug where left cheeks come together, which helps to have a heart connection to facilitate open and honest communication and build trust. It is widely known that hugs boost oxytocin levels which heal feelings of loneliness and anger; and holding the hug for an extended time increases serotonin levels which in turn, makes you feel happier and secure. The beautiful thing about hugs is that when you give one, you also receive one so there is a mutual exchange of love which encourages empathy and a deep connection.

You’ll find Debra with Paul Kalus and other Global Hugs Ambassadors at stand 42 at the Om Yoga Show, taking part 15-17 May at Event City in Manchester so be sure to stop by and experience for yourself the loving heart hugs. If you can’t make it there, pop along to Debra’s Mastery Path event being held on Wednesday 13 May in Prestwich and feel free to book a free guest ticket if you’ve never been before. Details are on Debra’s website where you can subscribe to their newsletter packed with news on future events and offers. Mastery Path events are sure to make you feel loved and you’ll be offered lots of HUGS.



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