An experience with Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith

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An experience with Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith

On Sunday 9th October 2011 I caught the 4.50 a.m. coach to London Victoria, an then ‘tubed’ it to Russell Square to finally arrive at the Institute of Education, Logan Hall all to be part of the Rev Michael Beckwith experience! 

And what an experience it was. Organised by Alternatives,  Michael Beckwith and his wonderful wife Rickie Byars Beckwith were here for their first UK event. It was fabulous and I knew I had to be part of it as soon as I heard they were coming 🙂

I fell in love with Michael Beckwith (also known as Dr. Beckwith!) after seeing him in the DVD The Secret and then looking him up to find his International Spiritual Center, for the Americans, Agape.

As Michael talked to an enthusiastic and receptive audience, Rickie accompanied him with humour, grace and spectacular musical and vocal contribution. Michael has a great sense of humour and this was apparent throughout the event. He talked of the ‘worry free diet’ and encouraged us to have ‘notso’ soup.  “Not so” being the response we could give when we hear people saying there’s not enough food, money, jobs etc! He recommended we have plenty grateful juice! Have ‘No TV’ dinners and only ‘Tell a vision’ …. Sounds healthy to me.

His explanation and take on things I had already heard and believed were refreshing, helping me to remember them and pass them on in a light hearted and fun way. He talked of the stress and tension people carry, how people are too tense. He says most of us are not two tense … we’re three tense, the past, the future and the present tense! Worrying about what’s happened, what might happen and what is happening. Instead of just ‘being’ in the now, the eternal now where we can truly ‘be’.

He helped people in the audience who had health challenges, encouraging them and us to celebrate all that was healthy in their body, all the parts, the cells every molecule of what was working well and concentrate and celebrate that and in so doing we cause there to be more of what we are focusing on and grateful for. Our belief and beliefs shape our experience. In Rev Michael Beckwith’s words “It is done unto you as you believe”

On offer was Michael’s The answer is You, available as a book, DVD or CD. I decided on the CD as I do a lot of driving and can listen again and again in my car. It’s brilliant. I highly recommend it and anything the Rev Michael Beckwith endorses and is involved in. I couldn’t wait to get home and listen, in fact I almost wished I’d driven to London so I could play it on the way home!

The event closed well over schedule, so we got over an hour more of his time. Feeling invigorated and enlightened I left to catch the coach home.  I arrived back in Manchester around midnight, and got home after 1.00 a.m – thinking what an experience and fantastic way to spend 24 hours.

Divine 🙂  Karen Shaw

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