Event Review – Discover the power of essential oils for health and wellness

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Event Review – Discover the power of essential oils for health and wellness

Want to know about Essential Oil Production and Standards?

Watch this short clip with Dawn Murray at Mastery Path (Time: 3:24)

Wondering how do essential oils work?

Check out this video (2:04) where Clare Brierley explains.


As a special thank you to you for your ongoing support and to celebrate Mastery Path’s 9th Birthday, I am making the footage of the whole event available to you. This is uploaded to youtube as an unlisted video so you won’t find it by searching our Mastery Path channel. If you’d like to watch it, send me a message via Facebook (or email debramagdalene@gmail.com if you’re not on Facebook) and I will send you the link.



Essential oils at Mastery PathDawn Murray and Clare Brierley gave us a fascinating educational and informative talk about essential oils. I took copious notes as this is the first time I’d heard a lot of this information.

Because I’m making the footage of the whole event available to you as a gift, I’ll  cover some bullet points here for you so you have an idea what’s included in the content which goes into more detail.


Essential oils – man’s first medicine which have been used for thousands of years and used by the Egyptians, Chinese, and are mentioned in the bible.

doTerra’s Mission – to empower people to look at natural alternatives to help their health and wellness.

Modern medicine – made from synthetic agents which our bodies don’t recognise and lead to side effects. $4.5 trillion spent on global healthcare annually – big business.

Nature’s medicine

  • Helps minimise symptoms and addresses root cause.
  • Made of hundreds of natural compounds found in plants.
  • Enhances physical and emotional health.
  • Safe to use and benefit without side effects.
  • Cost pennies per dose and no expiry date on the essential oils.

What is an essential oil?

  • Nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells.
  • Volatile aromatic compounds.
  • Complex in nature, simple to use, powerful.
  • 1 drop of doTerra peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea and 50 – 70 times more powerful than herbs.

Three ways to use essential oils

  • Aromatic diffusion
  • Topically
  • Internally

Oil safety

  • Very safe and gentle – can be used on babies and the elderly.
  • Keep out of eyes, ears and nose.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil (eg vegetable oil, coconut oil, almond oil) and not water.
  • Skin sensitivity.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Only use in glass or stainless steel container because the oils dissolve plastic petro chemicals.

Why doTERRA essential oils?

  • There is no international standards related to oils.
  • There’s standards for synthetic oils used in the perfume and industrial industries.
  • GRAS standards for food grade oils (means Generally Regarded as Safe).
  • doTERRA created CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and every litre of oil undergoes independent testing to ensure consistent quality and potency.
  • doTERRA work directly with the growers and plant material is only sourced from countries and regions where the crops grow indigenously. Climate, temperature and altitude weather the plants to create their therapeutic benefits. There are no middle men and doTERRA provide payments all year round to provide cashflow for their farmers so that they harvest the crops when at the peak time.
  • The properties change if the plants are grown in different countries or in greenhouses.
  • Some companies use the whole plant whereas doTERRA only utilize the parts of the plant with the therapeutic properties.
  • No pesticides or chemicals used.
  • Nothing added – 100% natural.


Dawn thimages-2en went through 3 steps for optimal health including cleansing and digestion, and reducing toxic load.






Vibrational frequency of essential oils

  • Rose oil is 320 MHz and emanates love, purity, wholeness and connecting mind, body and spirit.
  • Low frequency oils support physical ailments.
  • Mid frequency oils promote emotional change.
  • High frequency oils encourage spiritual growth and realization.
  • Interestingly, processed and canned food is dead, vibrating at 0 MHz.

Dawn outlined some uses for the three most popular oils available in an introductory kit and quickly explained how to join doTERRA.

  •  As a Wellness Advocate you can buy products at wholesale price (25% discount)
  • Receive a free wellness consultation for you and your whole family.
  • Access free online training and education on how to use the oils.
  • Learn how to share them with your family/friends.

Feedback from the event was fantastic and many people went away with an Introductory Kit of oils, or ordered one from me a few days later.

Congratulations to Karen Shaw and Debbie Evran who both won a bottle of doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil in the prize draw. This is a wonderful oil which I use regularly in cooking (it’s fantastic in homemade raw chocolate, smoothies etc).  Wild Orange smells absolutely divine and is wonderful diffused. It is also my granddaughter Evie’s favourite oil – she keeps asking me if she can smell it and loves a drop in a glass of water.

The following week, we ran a Rollerball Remedies Workshop where people made up their own rollerballs of essential oils to take away. In the second part of the evening, people had the option to find out more about doTERRA, the options for purchasing products, and the business model.  If you’d like to view the video of the event, contact me and I will send you a link to watch it online.

I’m offering a free bottle of Wild Orange to the first 5 people to order a Home Essentials Enrolment Kit consisting of 10 of the most useful essential oils which can be used to support 80% of the health challenges you’d usually treat using stuff from a typical medicine cabinet. This kit also includes an essential oil diffuser.

So if you’re looking for natural alternatives, contact me for further information.

Debra Sofia Magdalene



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