Event Review – Communicating with Your Higher Self to Activate Self-Healing

Mastery Path August 22, 2015 0
Event Review – Communicating with Your Higher Self to Activate Self-Healing

MASTERY PATH’S 9th Birthday event was well attended and hosted at Coby Zvikler’s training centre where we had a brilliant interactive evening.

Here’s a clip of Coby talking about how the empower disc bypasses your belief system.

Time: 4:59

Coby spoke to us about higher self communication, explaining that the normal way is through meditating. The empower disc shortcuts the process, allowing self-healing to take place.  The empower disc can be used for self-enquiry and by asking questions with yes/no answers, you can access your own wisdom.

Coby invited a volunteer on stage and demonstrated how to use the empower disc to neutralise a negative emotional emotion.  We then worked in pairs with a disc between us to put this into practice.  The results were remarkable, with people finding that the emotional charge had disappeared although the memory remained. Coby explained that the process detaches emotional content from memory.

We were shown a second technique to use the disc for physical healing and had the opportunity to experience this for ourselves.  Coby explained that all we’re doing is tapping into our own knowledge.

Coby has the ability to copy abilities and imprint information on aluminium discs so that when we work with an empower disc, it’s like accessing a library.  In effect, empower discs are an interactive communication system (like information stored on a CD). The thicker the disc is, the more information can be stored.

Mastery Path attendees

Mastery Path Attendees









The event should have ended at 9.30 pm but everyone wanted Coby to continue – we were all fascinated by this incredible invention and wanted to hear more!

Dawn Cox with family and friendsReverend Dawn Cox shared her vision that every household has access to an empower disc. In January 2016, Dawn and Lionel Cox will be looking after the marketing of the empower disc with Russell Treasure who works closely with Coby.  This will mean that Coby can focus on his gifts.

After an additional 15 minutes, we had the prize draw with Russell Leach winning a set of doTERRA pure essential oils (Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon) and a list of 101 uses for these three oils.


FCoby Zvikler & Debra Sofia Magdaleneull footage of this event is for sale £15 (£10 for Mastery Path members).
Order by email: debramagdalene@gmail.com
You can opt to watch online, purchase a DVD, and we have created an audio version which is available on two CDs.  Please specify your preference when ordering.  Payment by Bank Transfer, cheque and paypal.

Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate 9 years of running our spiritual events in Manchester.

And a special thank you to Coby sharing his gifts with us and for his hospitality.

To find out more about Coby Zvikler and the empower disc, visit http://empowerdisc.co.uk


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