13 August | Debra Magdalene, Insights from the Journey

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13 August | Debra Magdalene, Insights from the Journey

Debra Sofia Magdalene – Insights from the Journey

Wednesday 13 August 2014,
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 3BL

debra-magdalene-in-ollanytanuDebra has been travelling in South America since 5 September 2013, firstly to Peru where she spent 15 days with the Shipibos in the Amazon directly experiencing her multi-dimensionality, gaining deep insights into her true nature and experiencing deep healing through working with sacred plant medicines.  She then trekked for four days over the Andes to her destination of Machu Picchu which had been on her vision board for three years.  After a period of quiet time in Cusco, she travelled to different parts of Peru then to Bolivia spending time at the sacred Lake Titicaca and the Islands of the Sun and Moon.  After five weeks in Bolivia, she returned to Peru for a further six months with very little money and total faith that she would be looked after and guided.  She followed her heart and trusted her intuition which allowed her to experience the magic as it unfolded.

Debra is in Brazil until 1 August 2014 at John of God’s healing centre witnessing at first hand the miracles that happen, sitting in the medium’s room meditating to raise her vibration and consciousness, and has experienced invisible surgery from the entities at the Casa that work through John of God’s body. She is gaining many insights that she will share with you at this event.

Debra Sofia Magdalene is founder of Mastery Path which is one of the ways she fulfils her mission of raising consciousness on the planet.  She is also Director of Hugs at Global Hugs Ltd, her coaching and training business, and founder of International Hugs Week, an initiative to share unconditional love through offering free hugs.  In 2011, Debra sold her house and gave away most of her possessions to follow her heart and travel.  After travelling in Europe, Egypt, Mexico and Guatemala in between caring for her parents for two years, she felt it was time for an extended trip which has been life changing in many ways. She is in the process of setting up journeys to sacred sites around the world so that you too can experience the magic.

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