Beauty and the beast.

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Swan image copyright Desirée / flickrA few weeks ago, I was giving Gurdal, my husband, a lift to Altrincham. We normally take the M60 motorway as it’s pretty quick from Prestwich. Even in the morning traffic it is still quicker than going through Manchester.

I’ve never liked driving in morning traffic since I gave up my 9-5 job in the city. It can be pretty stressful, with drivers who think they are only ones who need to be somewhere on time, or those who have got up late and then drive like they own the road. It’s a shocking reminder of how disconnected some people have become to others and the world around them.

This day was no exception and as we entered the slip road to join the motorway the signs were flashing 40. Which usually means that there has been an accident of some kind or someone has broken down mid traffic.

As we moved forward we could see the police lights and car guarding something at the side of the road, and as we couldn’t see any cars our curiosity got the better of us and we looked over to see what it was.

There at the side of the road was the most beautiful white swan. It had obviously tried to cross the motorway with its mate and a car must have clipped it. However, the reason the police were at the side of the road was because its mate was still by its side, flapping its wings trying to protect it and trying to prize it up from the tarmac not realising it had died.

Wow, my heart sank, in fact I cried all the way to Altrincham. How the bond between a mate was so strong, that it didn’t want to leave the other ones side and how tragic the all to often battle between nature ( beauty ) and machine ( beast ).

As our populations, towns and cities expand more care and consideration must be taken when building our infrastructure to provide solutions that keep our precious nature out of harms way.

Deeper than that was the message of love and bond between two living things and how we are all interconnected. I know these things often show up in our lives to give us a message and to teach us something important about ourselves. As I reflected back on my own life and the experience of losing someone very close to me, I realised I too, still had some letting go to do.

Debbie Evran 🙂

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