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Mastery Path February 24, 2011 0

Healing Rites of Passage for the 21st Century

Drawing close to 2012, we, as a human species are awakening to and becoming aware of the responsibility that each of us is faced with. Destiny is in the palms of our hands, not only for ourselves but of every living creature on this beautiful planet we call Earth. This is the biggest wake up call of our lives; to understand and know that we can either ‘create’ or ‘destroy’ by our own actions, thoughts, words and deeds.

Earth has evolved over 65 million years to mirror back to us that we are its reflection. As caretakers of this beautiful Earth we can evolve by listening to the nature from our innermost being. Our true innermost nature is the ‘shaman within’ which holds all the wisdom and knowledge that is needed to create a new way of living, in harmony, balance and unity. We have come full circle – back to our shamanic roots. Now more than ever before we need to listen to the spirit of cooperation between all human beings to become one voice, one people united in love.

In this workshop you will learn how to access the tools that already live within you. You will be working with the 8 sacred rites of passage (see below), which will help to integrate once again that which you have forgotten. You will reclaim and honour the ancestors who have walked with you from the beginning of time, for you are the ancestors from our ancient future.

We will be initially working with your time lines, from your past, present and your future. We will spend the time out in nature, weather permitting, to connect with the elements, and directions in sacred ceremony. We will be using shamanic tools, in our work to uncover the deep joy that resounds with our awaken souls knowing. This workshop is the start of the home studies course to becoming a shamanic practitioner, and begins by walking the sacred wheel of life. The phoenix, the internal fire that burns deep within you, is about transcending the fires of destruction created by human kind rising from the ashes of our ancestors and re-birthing a new way of living with all.

All shamanic tools, all drums, flutes feathers will be provided. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and come with an open heart and surrender to your destiny of becoming one with source.

*Rites of Passage ceremonies for the workshop*

1 The CALLING to be born, to be awakened to our inner knowing. Soul naming ceremony.
2 The AWAKENING into human form, from spirit to soul to source. Soul retrieval ceremony.
3 The TRANSITION from childhood to adulthood. Inner child ceremony.
4 The KNOWING honouring the divine male and female within. Sacred marriage ceremony.
5 The EXPERIENCE journey to our heart lands rediscovering. Time line healing ceremony.
6 The GIFTING accepting life’s abundances. The give away ceremony.
7 The INITIATION walking into our wise years. Wisdom keeper ceremony.
8 The TOTALITY fusion of life purpose preparing to live. Death and re-birth ceremony.

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