Ancient Egyptian Energy Wisdom Science – Mark Foster

Mastery Path December 26, 2015 0
Ancient Egyptian Energy Wisdom Science – Mark Foster

Wednesday 13 January 2015, 7 pm – 9.30 pm

at the Creative Living Centre, Prestwich

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Ancient Egyptian Energy Wisdom For Modern times

Imagine a culture of advanced peoples who had not lost their connection to and understanding of the true reality and nature of energy. Where that profound understanding of vibration was a sacred science unrivalled by anything else and where a deep spiritual awareness was at the very core of their magical energetic work.

Yes, it was the ancient Egyptians.  Not the modern world false tales we are fed about them, but the real adepts. In this session Mark will introduce an amazing body of work only just emerging out of Egypt that is proving capable of transforming our out of balance electromagnetic technology, boosting our spiritual growth, facilitating personal healing and ultimately bringing balance on a global scale to the planet in a natural and very spiritual way.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain a new perspective on energy and what it really is.
  • Find the missing piece that links all the ancient and modern energy practices (including religious ones).
  • Discover why the number 144 appears in so many religious and ancient texts and what it actually means.
  • Learn the underpinning science behind all energy balancing and healing systems, including Feng Shui and earth energy dowsing.
  • Discover why certain numbers, shapes, angles, sounds, movement, colours and proportions can transform your life and others cause stagnation or worse.

Mark W Foster

Mark a regular speaker and workshop leader on metaphysical topics ad is currently Head of Personal & Spiritual Development at Gorton Monastery in Manchester. He has always been fascinated by exploring the world of unseen energies and spirituality and back in 2011 penned his first book, ‘Energy The New Currency of Business’, which is aimed opening the minds of business leaders. In addition to his Monastery role, Mark runs his own Subtle Energy Consultancy Business in which he gets to work on various sacred site projects, provides home and workplace energy clearing and harmonising services, and offers personal sessions on spiritual development and subtle energy healing.

Mark has two websites where you can find more information on his work: and

Facebook :

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