Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne, Awaken ‘Your Sacred Life Path’

Mastery Path January 17, 2011 0
Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne, Awaken ‘Your Sacred Life Path’

What if there was someone inside you who knew exactly who you are and why you are here.

What if that person held your map, and was creating right now all the people you meet and events that happen in your unfolding story.

Imagine if you could meet that person and together awaken your Sacred Life Path and your great power within. Would you like to?  Join Ahqulieah in this transformational workshop using powerful revelation, activations, initiation and ceremony to awaken and unleash your Sacred Life Path!

An internationally acclaimed author, speaker and magazine columnist, appearing in global film and TV, Ahqulieah travels the world inspiring others to wake up to their ‘Magical Life Path.’ She unleashes our inner Sacred Warrior through her transformational workshops and talks. www.louiselangley.com

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