Speaker Info

If you are interested in speaking at Mastery Path, this page is for you!

What we look for in our speakers:

  • Topics which help us to grow personally and spiritually
  • Experiential learning opportunities for our members to get something of value from attending
  • Tools that we can continue use afterwards
  • Opportunity for audience interaction and Q & A
  • Interesting, educational and inspiring subjects
  • Experienced speakers with good voice projection and effective presentation skills

We offer you an opportunity to showcase yourself to a community of like minded people interested in personal and spiritual growth.  Please note that we don’t pay speaker fees or expenses.

What we offer speakers:

  • A receptive and enthusiastic audience who will give honest feedback
  • We film most events.  If we film your talk, we will send you an unlisted link for you to evaluate your performance. This is not for sharing as we sell our events online as a product in order to help fund our work. Mastery Path owns copyright of all event footage (see Terms & Conditions below).
  • If your talk is filmed, we provide a short YouTube clip on our Mastery Path Channel that you can link to from social media, your website, newsletter etc
  • We can provide presentation aids with prior notice (flip chart and projector). Please advise of any requirements when providing information as resourced need to be booked prior to the event. Please bring your own laptop if you are using powerpoint and be sure to book our projector if you don’t have your own.
  • Promotion on our newsletters prior to the event and immediately following the event
  • You may offer your products and services at the end of your talk as long as you don’t do a hard sell
  • You may build your mailing list by having a sign-up sheet at the event for those who want to keep in touch with you. Please note that we do not share our mailing list with you.
  • We may take photographs of you speaking at the event to share on Facebook and in our newsletter
  • We may help to connect you with others for mutual benefit

What information we need from you:

Information to promote your talk

  • Title of your talk
  • An outline of what you propose to speak about and the benefits to the audience of attending (what’s in it for them?)
  • A short biography (two paragraphs maximum)
  • A good quality head and shoulders photograph (emailed in jpeg format, not included in a Word document)
  • A link to your website(s)
  • Links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Youtube channel, Linkedin)
  • Your contact details (email, mobile no, landline no and address)

In addition, please let us know

  • How did you find out about Mastery Path?
  • Which other groups in the UK you have you spoken for?
  • Why do you want to speak for us?
  • Are you willing to co-promote the event to your list and via social media?

Confirming your speaking slot:

You may be offered a speaker slot depending on the topic; what you are offering; your previous speaking experience.

We do not confirm speaking slots until you have provided all the information we require (see above section).

Unless you have a showreel or Debra has personally experienced your work, she may arrange for a Skype or telephone call to get to know you.

If the information that you have provided isn’t a good fit for Mastery Path, you will be informed by email.

If your application is accepted, your speaking slot will be confirmed by email.

We then need email confirmation from you and need to know:

  • What equipment will you bring with you?
  • Do you need us to provide any equipment?

We ask you to store Debra’s mobile number in your phone so that you can contact her in the event of any emergencies (late arrival etc).

The format of our events:

11.30 am         Organiser & speaker have access to room to set up room prior to registration

12.30 pm         Registration and networking. Photos.

1.00 pm           Host opens event

1.15 pm           Speaker time 95 – 100 mins

2.50 pm          Hand back to host for closing announcements

3.00 pm         Host closes event.

3.15 pm          Photographs for social media then networking and pack up.

4.00 pm        The Monastery closes.

Where and when we meet

With effect from July 2016, our new home is The Monastery, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester M12 5WF.

Our scheduled dates for 2016 are on Sunday afternoons from 1-3 pm :

  • 24 July               Speaker confirmed – Simon Yates – The Energy of Money
  • 21 August          Speaker Confirmed – David Adelman – Reclaim Your Power
  • 25 September   Speaker confirmed – Christof Melchizedek & Akasha Sananda – The Science of Genetic Divinity
  • 30 October        Speakers confirmed – Jon Gosling & Elara Evenstar – The Wheel of Consent
  • 4 December      Speaker confirmed – Lucinda Drayton concert & lunch (11.30 am – 4.30 am) – Joint event with The Monastery

Access to the Pugin room is from 11.30 am and lunch and refreshments are available to purchase from the cafe at The Monastery.

Terms & Conditions re Filming at our events:

We film our events and upload the footage to youtube as an unlisted link.

We sell the link for the same price that someone would pay to attend in person.  The link is for personal use and not for sharing with others.

Mastery Path owns copyright of all event footage.

We do not guarantee that we will film every event.

If your event is filmed, we will send you an unlisted link for your personal review so you may evaluate your performance and make improvements in future.

You may not download, store electronically, pass the link to anyone else or sell.

We provide this to you in service and in good faith.  By applying to speak at Mastery Path, you agree to these terms.

We currently sell the event footage for £15 with Mastery Path members getting a £5 discount.

Sales help us to pay for our running costs. We are a voluntary group and need to cover our costs.

Services for Speakers

We have filmed many events and retreats for previous speakers and we can help you too.

We create:

  • showreels of you speaking
  • video testimonials from participants attending your events
  • DVD products of your talks
  • photographs of you in action
  • interest in your events

If you are interested in taking your speaking business to a new level, contact Debra to see how we can help.