9 Jan, Mark Abadi, The Art of Fighting Without Fighting:

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9 Jan, Mark Abadi, The Art of Fighting Without Fighting:

… How to surrender your way to victory.

Wednesday 9 January 2013
Mark Abadi, The art of fighting without fighting:
How to surrender your way to victory.
6.30pm – 9.30pm
Creative Living Centre, Prestwich


Most of us feel we have to continually battle and fight to achieve our goals, to find our own perfection and happiness. Little do most of us realise that the answer is right before our eyes. In fact it is actually BEFORE we start looking for it. Like trying to find the contact lens that is already in your eyes. The answer is simpler than you first thought. Somewhere you have to let go of the search, give in, surrender and allow the realisation to occur by itself.

Mark with guide an interactive discussion into our true natures and how the simplicity can free us from the battle of life. How simple acceptance results in an undeniable realisation of completeness. It is not about providing all the answers but realising that there are no questions that need answering……

Mark has just published his first book on holistic conscious living and self acceptance. www.bookevolve.com

MARK ABADI – MSc (ohp), BSc (psych), Dip (Comp med), Dip (holistic)
BioData Brief

Mark Abadi is a Holistic Psychologist and international spiritual teacher, working with health and well being from a multi-disciplinary perspective. He blends and expands his degrees in psychology with qualifications in physiological biology and experience with quantum mechanics to better understand the dynamics of the Human Holistic System.

He is an expert in the interaction of the mind, body matrix and at maximising change through a multileveled therapy practice. With a great interest in how space resonates with Human health, happiness and wellbeing.

His mission is to expand scientific and artistic medical awareness of the mechanisms behind in-formational (energy) medicine and help facilitate a new global integrated medicine transformation. He lectures for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) on their new Masters of Wellness program. (www.rmit.edu.au/wellness)

Mark has researched many energy medicine devices and has formed a scientific understanding of where psychology meets physics and biology meets spirit.

He has spoken and hosted many international conferences on energy medicine and quantum consciousness

He has been teaching meditation for the last 5 years and has achieved a permanent beyond mind state of consciousness.

Mark currently teaches meditation from introduction to advanced 3 times a week in his Yurt (a Mongolian style healing wood and canvas structure on his property in Cheshire, Manchester, UK)

Mark sees clients with a unique holistic healing platform he developed that embraces the mind and body combined energetic medicine to shift non serving habit patterns in clients. This is an interactive journey into the person’s pain to allow them to ‘burn in the fires of change’. He calls his therapy platform Psychapressure (www.psychapressure.com).

Mark has just completed his first book EVOLVE, which is set to be released October 2012 – www.bookevolve.com. Mark is also working on a further 2 books which will highlight a method to the step-less journey to enlightenment and a manual to become a superior healer.

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