8 Aug, Mark W Foster, Understanding hidden energies to unlock your health …

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8 Aug, Mark W Foster, Understanding hidden energies to unlock your health …

…. wealth & spiritual growth.

Mark W Foster – Energetic Consultant at The Monastery Manchester
Understanding hidden energies to unlock your health, wealth & spiritual growth.

Wednesday 8 August 2012, 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Registration and networking from 6.30pm


If there was only one skill or ability I could share with you, which if you mastered it would catapult  you forward in whatever way you desire,  just one understanding so basic, so fundamental and so powerful that it would  transform any experience, this would be it.

Once we understand energy, we understand our real selves, our true spiritual nature and our interconnectedness with everything. We understand how oneness works and how we can interact with all other energies.  It is the most powerful and yet the most overlooked form of personal development I have yet encountered. It is what we are here to learn.

It is like discovering and mastering a totally new language which allows you access to everything, to change any area of life, health, relationships, career, business, success, wealth and most of all we stop playing small and flex our true spiritual muscles.

So if you know intuitively deep down inside that there is something just waiting for you, almost a kind of soul memory of something amazing, then maybe this presentation will be the nudge that removes the veil for you.

Mark W Foster

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