18 Aug | Thrillionaire® Revolution with Nik Halik

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18 Aug | Thrillionaire® Revolution with Nik Halik


How to make Every Day a Sunday, Escape the 9-5 Rut and Live on Massive Passive Cash Flow


NIK HALIK: Australia’s FIRST certified, flight qualified Civilian Astronaut and Multi-Millionaire Investor reveals HOW you can make the world your playground – by shaping your own financial destiny and creating a magical life. 

Nik Halik believes in living life to the fullest. He started life with the same dreams as many kids: be an astronaut, have lunch on the Titanic shipwreck, climb the highest mountains, explore the pyramids. The difference? Nik didn’t let go of his dreams, he turned them into goals—and achieved them! A self-made Multi-Millionaire, Nik believes life is about the magic not about the materialism. He emotionally and financially inspires individuals from around the world by sharing his knowledge so they too can experience the thrill of living LIFE without limits. Nik Halik’s concept of becoming a Thrillionaire® takes a new generation of individuals to a higher stratosphere.

Welcome to the Thrillionaire® Revolution, Nik Halik’s signature event. The Thrillionaire® Revolution is part of the greater Thrillionaire® movement sweeping change across the planet. It will communicate to your inner emotions and stir the fires of your soul. It will enrich your life and guide you to the keys of Mind and Wealth Prosperity. Soon, you will hold within yourself this principle of power that contains the solutions to a brighter future, a path to greatness and the formula for reaching your peak potential.

  • How to recession-proof yourself – by creating your own personal economy and stimulus plan. Gives you total peace of mind.
  • How to generate massive passive income while you sleep. Potentially replaces your job income. Use it and see the result for yourself.
  • The untold rules of the Money Game. How to win it and catapult yourself to financial freedom.
  • How to turn your passion into cold-hard cash. Step-by-step, success blueprint revealed.
  • How to create a magical life and shape your own destiny. These inspiration secrets will change your life
  • How to disconnect yourself from the “System” of controlled thought patterns. Lets you free up yourself and unleash your real potential
  • How to recalibrate the “Hard Drive” of your mind and develop the Psychology of Excellence.

 Nik Halik was born in Melbourne. When he was a kid, he suffered from various medical problems, including asthma and chronic allergies. He was medically confined to his room.Every day, he would spend hours watching the other kids come back from school… daydreaming of becoming “normal” and longing

But when he was 8 years old, he did one simple thing that changed his life forever. He took a pencil and a piece of paper. And then he wrote down the top ten goals he’d love to fulfil in his lifetime.  Check out Nik’s list of goals on the website:



Author of motivational book ‘Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude’, International Speaker and one of the greatest and most sought after Social Media Strategists and Managers in the world. She is the founder of ‘ Social Media Global Enterprise’

She has been voted ‘Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter’ by Evan Carmichael (seen in Fox, Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal amongst others.) who is known for helping over 14 million Entrepreneurs worldwide.

Currently in the top 50, Elise has beaten the likes of UK’s former Dragon James Caan and CEO of Success Magazine Darren Hardy. Within those top 50 you can find authorities like Richard Branson, Mike Bloomberg, Robert Kiyosaki, Ivanka Trump and Martha Stuart.

2012 was a great year for Elise. She was Nick-named ‘Twitter Girl’ and ‘The Tony Robbins’ of Social Media. As a result, she has helped businesses thrive on the internet marketing and many other industries raising their profiles.

Clients include Hollywood Actors, International Restaurant Owners, Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Speakers, TV Presenters, Real Estate gurus, Fashion Labels, Models, Film Production Companies, Hollywood Stuntmen, Charity foundations and has also seen her involved as a consultant in European Political Campaigns.

Elise’s specialized strategies have only been shared via special webinar training and live seminars around the globe.  Those who take action are able to see results almost instantly thanks to Twitter. Elise’s team are personally trained by her as she believes her style is unique. Elise has an uncanny ability to build leaders not followers.

With over 15 years experience in Network Marketing, Retail and Recruitment, Elise will blow your mind away. She has spoken to audiences in USA, CAN , UK & SPAIN. She believes attitude and motivation are two of the main ingredients if you are striving to be successful. In her book ‘Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude’ available on amazon, Elise talks about the way attitude plays an integral part in each and every aspect of your life.

She also developed something called The SMEQ ( Social Media Emotional Quotient) , which is the art and influence of creating, attracting and building better business relationships via Social Media with the core being Twitter.

Elise seems to have found the magic formula of combining her Kick Ass Attitude onto her Social Media trainings. So let her be the one to take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

 What you will discover:

  • Key Steps to Mastering LinkedIn
  • Top Tips for Facebook Business Success
  • Blogs vs Websites. The truth revealed
  • How to get paid massive Cashflow just like many celebrities do using Twitter
  • How to get FREE traffic at the push of a button
  • How to have a Rockstar Brand Thanks to Twitter
  • How to get an unlimited supply of qualified leads and traffic from Twitter
  • How to create a business based on Twitter
  • Key Steps To Twitter Success
  • How to become an authority in your field to build credibility with 100’s of thousands of followers

BOOK NOW!  All welcome – invite your friends and do them a big favour. Bring your kids and give them a proper education in reaching their potential and financial management – they don’t teach this stuff in schools!

Nik is also speaking in London on 17 August.  

Book here: http://thrillionairerevolution.com/uk/masterypath/



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