18 April; Rev. Alison Levesley

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18 April; Rev. Alison Levesley

Rev. Alison Levesley
Divine Feminine not just for the girls.
18th April 2012

As we are moving into faster times where creation can be instant and unity imperative, how important is it to embrace the Divine Feminine?  Learn how to engage and understand what this truly means for you personally.  Everything has a male/female, we live in a world where this is in conflict, now is a time for change and a time for unification.  When I talk of the Divine Feminine it’s important that men know and understand this is related to them too, so come along so that you too can be a part of the change.

Rev. Alison Levesley.
She has all the qualities of a professional business woman – drive, enthusiasm, intelligence, know-how…….whatever complimentary terms one would normally ascribe to a high-flying individual apply to her.

However, she couples these admirable qualities with something very much more rare – a searing intellectual honesty and deep compassion for those who have either not had the advantages in life that others have, or who have – to coin a hackneyed phrase – fallen by the wayside.

Rarer still is her decision to become an Inter-Faith Minister which enables her to offer non-judgemental, non-didactic views on the challenges which are increasing facing us all at an International level.

Her unerring ability to see the very much wider and fuller picture means that her gifts are of great relevance to those involved in the future planning of society, both locally and globally; they make sound financial sense to those looking at bottom-line projections, as well as to those who seek a more stable, balanced and just society throughout the inevitable changes which are occurring and which will take place over the coming decades.

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